Supernatural's Season 8 Promo Reunites Sam and Dean (VIDEO)

Prepare to lose your poop, guys, because the first real promo for Supernatural's eighth season just hit the internet! When we last saw Sam and Dean Winchester, Sam was alone with a bunch of dead Leviathans and Dean and Castiel were shipped off to Purgatory where the doggies don't play nice.

But as we learned at Comic-Con, the bros won't be apart for too long, and their year apart will unfold in a series of flashbacks. Let's get right to the man-hugging and see what the hunky hunters will be up against in Season 8.

I think I speak for us all when I say the biggest revelation in this trailer is... KEVIN GOT A HAIRCUT! OH MAN! But also that thing about maybe being able to close the gates of Hell forever sounds pretty important, too.

Don't forget, Season 8 is getting revitalized with the promotion of former Supernatural writer Jeremy Carver to showrunner, so hopefully that means we'll be far away from another "Season 7, Time For a Wedding!" and moving more toward episodes like "Changing Channels," which Carver wrote. I know I've gotten excited for every season of Supernatural since Season 5 (creator Eric Kripke's last) and have been pretty disappointed, but this time it's going to be different, right? RIGHT? Please, someone tell me I'm right.

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