Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites: Meet the New (and Returning) Contestants! (PHOTOS)

Guys, if you're reading this it's either because (1) you're a Survivor fan and you've retained at least a little interest in this franchise over the past 25 seasons, or (2) you like to see babes and hunks in swimwear. But here's the thing: BOTH options are perfectly acceptable reasons to tune in. Few shows really strike the balance of eye candy PLUS brain candy the way Survivor does, and the recently concluded Survivor: Philippines proved that this series can still bust out a terrific season when it wants to! In fact, despite a distinct lack of headline-grabbing buzz ever since, oh, 2002, Survivor still earns extremely healthy ratings and most of that is due to its very loyal fans.

For its 26th season (!) Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites aims to cater directly to those fans by bringing back TEN former cast members ("favorites" is not necessarily the correct word when it comes to some of them) and pitting them against ten ACTUAL fans. The notable returnees include wacky Phillip, religious Brandon, neurotic Cochrane, and crafty Brenda, plus dreamy Malcolm whose first season only just concluded a few weeks ago. Because the tribe of fresh meat is comprised of fans and viewers, hopefully this cast won't include nearly as many "bartenders" (models), "students" (models), "pharmaceutical reps" (models), and "models" (aspiring models) who typically only join the show after a CBS casting director approaches them on the street and then flame out quickly. What that means is, between the returning players and fans, we've got 20 people who have been utterly steeped in the game and will presumably know their way around a blind-siding scheme. Good times! Also, swimwear.

Okay, enough yammering. Check out your new (and returning) Survivor castaways in the gallery below!

Survivor: Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites

Which new or returning players will YOU root for?

Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites premieres Wednesday, February 13 at 8pm on CBS.

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