Survivor: Panama--Exile Island cast announced

The 12th season of reality stalwart Survivor premieres on Thursday, February 2. Though this latest installment will return to the original 16-contestant format, CBS today detailed two twists that will bring new excitement to the game.

According to the network, the castaways of Survivor: Panama--Exile Island will be divided into four tribes of four: Older Women, Younger Women, Older Men, and Younger Men. The season's first episode will involve a Reward Challenge, after which the losing tribe must banish one of its members to the nearby "Exile Island," where he or she will endure some enforced solitude until the next Immunity Challenge. That unlucky individual will, however, enjoy the not-so-small comfort of having the first opportunity to search for the hidden Immunity Idol.

As the season continues, at least one player will meet the same lonely fate during each episode. The four tribes will become two during the second episode, in which the castaways will face a schoolyard-style team selection.

The participants in Survivor: Panama--Exile Island were announced by CBS as follows:

Dan Barry, 52, S. Hadley, Massachusetts
Retired Astronaut

Aras Baskauskas, 24, Santa Monica, California
Yoga Instructor

Austin Carty, 24, High Point
North Carolina, Author

Terry Deitz, 46, Simsbury, Connecticut
Airline Pilot / Retired Navy Fighter Pilot

Danielle DiLorenzo, 24, Pompano Beach, Florida
Medical Sales Representative

Cirie Fields, 35, Walterboro, South Carolina
Registered Nurse

Misty Giles, 24, Dallas, Texas

Melinda Hyder, 32, Sevierville, Tennessee

Bruce Kanegai, 52, Simi Valley, California
Karate Instructor/High School Art Teacher

Courtney Marit, 31, Los Angeles, California
Performance Artist

Bobby Mason, 32, Los Angeles, California

Ruth Marie Millima, 48, Greenville, South Carolina
Director of Retail Leasing (Shopping Center Development)

Shane Powers, 35, Los Angeles, California
Owner, Entertainment Marketing Company

Tina Scheer, 45, Hayward, Wisconsin
Logging Sports Promoter/Performer

Sally Schumann, 27, Chicago, Illinois
Social Worker

Nick Stanbury, 25, Tempe, Arizona
Financial Sales

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Feb 07, 2006
Go Terry Dietz!