Sydney vs Melbourne: Who is tops in TV?

Which city produces more television in Australia: Sydney or Melbourne?

It's been a fight between the two rival cities for many years and it remains a pretty even split, at least in terms of drama production.

There are some shows that film all across the country depending on where the subjects are, such as Domestic Blitz, Australian Story and Who Do You Think You Are?

Others are based in one city for their editorial, but hosted in another, as is the case with Tracy Grimshaw hosting A Current Affair in Melbourne. Sea Patrol shoots in Queensland, Poh's Kitchen is made in Adelaide and Foxtel's new Cloudstreet drama and SBS' The Circuit are both produced in Perth.

But here is a breakdown of some of the country's top shows.

Sydney Melbourne
Home and Away
Packed to the Rafters
The Morning Show
My Kitchen Rules
Rescue: Special Ops
Australia's Funniest Home Videos
Beauty & the Geek
So You Think You Can Dance
The Biggest Loser
Today Tonight
The Footy Show (NRL)
The 7:30 Report
4 Corners
Hungry Beast
At the Movies
Bondi Rescue
Good News Week
MasterChef Australia
Media Watch
Chandon Pictures
Swift & Shift Couriers
East West 101
My Place
Australia's Next Top Model
Crash Investigation Unit
Sunday Night
60 Minutes
The New Inventors
The Jesters
City Homicide
Deal or No Deal
Hey Hey it's Saturday
Bed of Roses
Thank God You're Here
Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation
Australia's Got Talent
The Librarians
Logie Awards
AFI Awards
Spicks and Specks
Before the Game
The Circle
The Footy Show (AFL)
7pm Project
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Killing Time
Project Runway Australia

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