Syfy Backpedals, Cancels Eureka

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Syfy is canceling its longest-running scripted show, the light-hearted small-town sci-fi series Eureka, mere days after it announced the show's renewal. How does that work, you ask? Less than a week ago, the network ordered a shortened, six-episode sixth season with the implication that it would be the series' last. But late last night, confirmed that the sixth season won't be happening and that the upcoming 13-episode fifth season will be the show's last. Eureka is currently in the second half of its fourth season.

Before we all let our emotions get the best of us, let's look at this news objectively. Syfy has a history of angering its fans (the best fans out there, am I right!?!?!), both by canceling beloved series like Stargate Universe and "rebranding" itself by adding cooking shows (barf). But Eureka's producers will at least have plenty of time to wrap things/create a satisfying finish, and five full seasons is a very respectable run.

Okay, ready for a "That said..."? That said, what on Earth is going on at SyFy? Who orders a sixth season of a series only to backtrack and cancel it less than a week later? Eureka fans, you have every right to feel jerked around. But at least the series will ride off into the sunset with closure.

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