Syfy Will Import Lost Girl Season 3

Cleavage party!

Canada's Lost Girl will travel to America for Season 3, putting to rest any fears that fans of the show would have to fake passports, develop a taste for Tim Horton's coffee, and develop a slapshot. SyFy will continue airing the Canadian series, says Mo Ryan of The Huffington Post.

The series is a saucy one! Lost Girl stars Anna Silk as succubus Bo, a demon who specializes in the art of sexy times, seducing others and feeding off their sexual energy (if you know what I'm sayin'). Bo teams up with a human to form a pretty sweet detective agency that solves cases in the supernatural world, forming the backbone of the series.

Right now, the series airs first on Canada's Showcase and then comes to Syfy later. SyFy is currently airing Season 2, and is planning to air Season 3 sometime in January 2013. Season 3 is scheduled for 13 episodes, down from the 22-episode Season 2.

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