Syfy's Being Human Earns a Second Season

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... We knew a remake of the U.K. hit Being Human would be either pretty good or pretty bad. We're glad that Syfy agrees with us that it's pretty good. The network renewed Being Human for a second season today, just a bit over halfway through the run of its first season. Suggestion for Season 2: Branch out on your own! In other news, the U.K. version was renewed for a fourth season earlier this week. [Syfy via press release]

... Jimmy Smits is over the atrocity (hardly) known as Outlaw, which had the distinction of being one of the first shows canceled this season. Now Smits is moving on to something that could actually be good. He'll star as the mayor of Los Angeles in the NBC pilot S.I.L.A., a complex crime-law-politics drama from Traffic writer Stephen Gaghan. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Damon Wayans has joined the CBS family, starring in the comedy pilot based on the life of ESPN personality Colin Cowherd. Yes, Colin Cowherd is being played by Damon Wayans. I know some of you out there like Colin Cowherd, but those some of you are wrong. [Deadline Hollywood]

... When I was a kid, I used to VCR MTV's 120 Minutes because it was on too late to stay up and watch. A VCR is this old machine that used a special kind of tape to record things. Now I will have a chance to DVR it! MTV is bringing back the alternative-music show on its MTV2 channel. The network has also dug up Matt Pinfield from his tomb and reanimated him to host. [MTV]

... Glee will do an album tribute in a future episode, earmarking Fleetwood Mac's Rumours as the source for an entire episode's music. "Typical that they would ignore the vastly superior Tusk," said the obnoxious hipster who actually still watches Glee. [LA Times]

... Nip/Tuck vet Dylan Walsh will co-star in the untitled CBS cop drama about a police consultant who has the ability to remember everything that's ever happened in her life. Walsh will play a detective who enlists her help, and yes, they have a steamy past—which I'm sure she'll remind and nag him about, because she remembers everything. Just like a woman! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Have you been wondering when USA's Covert Affairs and White Collar will be back? June 7! Now go find a new thing to wonder about! [Variety]

... ABC has picked up a new series! But... it's a silly reality game show. 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show will ask contestants trivia questions, and if they get one wrong, they will be executed by firing squad. Oh, wait, that was actually the 102nd way. If they get a question wrong, they will be "flown away strapped to the wing of a biplane, shot out of a cannon, pushed off the top of a moving semi-truck, dragged under water by a one-ton anchor or yanked off a deck by a speed boat." Also coming soon: 101 Ways to Sue ABC. [Deadline Hollywood]

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