Syfy's Face Off: This Week In Nightmare Creatures

Face Off S03E04: "Year of the Dragon"

I love Face Off. It certainly follows the same formula originated/perfected by Project Runway or Top Chef, but unlike those shows it continues to feel fresh and inspired. Much of that has to do with the sense that makeup artists might actually be getting a big break by appearing on this show whereas the recent seasons of PR or TC reek of a barrel-scraped casting pool in which it can be a real step down to appear on those shows these days. So in that regard Face Off is closer to something like So You Think You Can Dance: The artists in these particular fields may never have an audience as large as these shows' viewerships and that maintains a sense of positivity and excitement on-camera, as though just being there is a reward in itself.

That said, this show is A CONSTANT NIGHTMARE GENERATOR. Holy moly! This week's challenge seemed innocent enough: Design dragons in keeping with traditional Chinese art. But look at these ghoulish demons everyone created!

I mean, good work, everybody, but dang! My heart is racing just looking at these.

That first image above was designed by Tommy and Derek (this was a team challenge) and it won! Image #2 was the losing design by Eric (Derek's twin brother) and Sarah, and Eric ended up being the one to get kicked off. It's saying something that even the losing design was an insanely complicated, still-amazing design that none of us could ever even dream of doing on our own. Reality competitions where everyone is super talented are the BEST!

NEXT WEEK'S CHALLENGE: Alice in Wonderland but with ZOMBIES! (Obviously.)

Which above Face Off creation will give YOU the most nightmares tonight?

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