SYTYCD: Watch the Best Auditions from Salt Lake City and New York (VIDEO)

So You Think You Can Dance auditions jetéd into the cities of Salt Lake and New York last night, and both produced an impressive array of dancers from every genre. They also produced an alleged amnesiac, an almost-naked dude fixated on the ex-fiancee who cheated on him (despite his current wife sitting just a few feet away), and a crazy lady who something something Ringo Starr. (I really couldn’t be bothered.) But those are mere distractions! Side dishes to the main course, which is a succulent prime rib of raw, athletic talent. So who were the best?

Whacker Samara “Princess Lockeroo” Cohen
Never heard of “whacking?” Don’t feel bad—so far, it exists only in the mind of Ms. Cohen, who sauntered onto the stage with a briefcase bearing her monicker and then launched into a routine that, well, certainly made an impression. How would I describe it to a blind person? Imagine a Bond villainess named Cuisinartia, whose deadly signature move involves setting her arms to “pulse” and turning secret agents into gazpacho.

Virgil “Lil’ O” Gadson
Um, hello there, Lil’ O. Where have you been all my life? Looking like a shredded Kermit the Frog, Mr. O hopped onto the stage and showed us what he got. And he got a lot! Breakdancing, tumbling, shoulder shimmying, goofy faces—the whole nine yards. And a smile you can’t resist. A perfect example of the complete SYTYCD package. See you in Top 10.

Brian Henry
This is the Honey Krumper. Watch him krump in fast-motion. He’s pretty badass. Watch. He krumps all over the place. Honey Krumper don’t care. He don’t give a shit about shirts. Ew! And he eats hats. The Honey Krumper is just crazy.

Mary-Kate Sheehan
Irish step dancer Mary-Kate began by narrating a cute, animated mini-documentary on the history of the stiff-armed jig. Then came her audition, in which her legs fluttered and pranced oh-so-delightfully all over over the stage, her feet bouncing on tiptoes and bending this way and that. It made you feel like you were playing patty-cake with a leprechaun beneath a waterfall!

Do you have any favorite contestants based on the audition rounds we've seen so far?

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Brian Henry reminds me of Philip from survivor! I wouldn't be shocked if next time we see him, he has a feather on his head!
Amazing!!!!.. dude.. do u imagine the arms of Princess with the legs of Mary-Kate in the same dancer?!.. that will be just sick!.. xD.
the dancing was really great, some crazy dancers.

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