Talkin' 'Bout Josh Thomas

Gen-Y comedian Josh Thomas says he just loves panel shows for their "honest moments".

For comedians having your own sitcom is considered the "Holy Grail" says Josh Thomas, but he makes no apology for being part of the Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation team -- and loving it.

While others may see panel shows as an incidental gig, Thomas, 23, is an unashamed fan of the genre.

"I really like panel shows. I know a lot of people in TV see them as the scourge of television because they are cheap and light. But I really love them!" he says.

"You get these honest moments between people because it's all improvised, and usually they are pretty funny."

The TEN series returns to screen this weekend promising another bout of inane humour headed up by Shaun Micallef and his team-mates Amanda Keller and Charlie Pickering.

Thomas says that having a hit show that requires no preparation on his part is a dream gig. Producers don't even want them to rehearse the games they play.

"They just let us do whatever. They just turn the cameras on. Shaun runs us through our paces on air," he says.

"I go there and they put clothes on me and put make up on me and sit me in a chair. And then we do it.

"For me, Charlie and Amanda it's the cushiest gig in the world. We just play games and laugh at everyone."

For the first new show he is teamed with Ricki-Lee Coulter but is keeping quiet on his other Gen-Y partners.

When he isn't filming, Thomas can be found touring his live comedy act, and with the TV show's light commitment, he has quite a few live gigs coming up on the East Coast.

"I can't do any preparation for it and we film two episodes in a day, once a week and that's the end of my time commitment to it, aside from interviews. So it doesn't take much time at all."

Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation airs 7:30pm Sunday on TEN.

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