TBS Renews Conan Through November 2015

Team Coco lives on! TBS has extended Conan O'Brien's contract and renewed Conan through November 2015, proving that the literally red-headed stepchild of network TV's late-night game is doing just fine on cable (and the internet), thank you very much. 

From TBS's perspective, this decision was an easy one; according to the network, Conan's audience boasts a younger median age than any other late-night talk show. Combined with the host's popularity on the internet, that's exactly what TBS wants. Here's the official statement from the network's programming chief, Michael Wright:

When we invited Conan O'Brien to come to TBS, we knew he would bring with him a passionately loyal following of young adults. Conan and his colleagues at Team Coco have gone far beyond that by making CONAN the top late-night brand in the digital arena. We are proud to extend our relationship with Conan as he continues to forge the future of late night. I just wish we didn’t decide to tell him on April Fools' Day.

Personally, I love Conan himself... but I have to admit that I've kind of forgotten about him in the last couple years, outside of watching the occasional clip online, and usually only if one of my friends shares it. What about you? Do you watch Conan regularly? Who's winning the late-night war for your attention span these days?

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