Teen Wolf: Frownin' & Drownin' (PHOTO RECAP)

Teen Wolf S02E10: "Fury"

Among the many drawbacks of the human brain—including the need to shut down for a THIRD of the day and also being useless the other two-thirds (personal prob?)—is how bad it can be at remembering things correctly. The facts perceived by our senses are immediately warped by whatever weird emotions we were feeling at the time and that's why the human memory is just a gallery of lies. Take Matt, the Season 2 Teen Wolf character who last week was revealed to be the puppet master behind the Kanima. Something clearly terrible must have happened to him for him to want to seek such brutal and widespread revenge, so if you were like me, you were poised and ready to hear whatever cringe-inducing trauma had turned him into a vengeance-bot. But then, hilariously, the thing that happened to him wasn't even that bad! He nearly drowned one time. But his memory told him that a dozen people stood around laughing while he flailed for help and that memory alone turned a garden variety accident into grounds for one of the biggest American murder sprees west of Mystic Falls. Oh, Matt. You trusted your brain and now look what's happened.

But enough about that guy, let's talk about "Fury"!

It all began with a fill-in-the-blanks flashback in which we finally learned how Matt and the Kanima had hooked up. First of all, like any crafty creep would, Matt had attached a live feed to his camera before loaning it to Jackson.

Then, Matt sat in his car to watch the semi-nude jock sleep via his conspicuously product-placed cell phone and ended up discovering something surprising about Jackson: He was a reptilian abomination!

Next thing we knew Matt was just havin' a cry by himself and pondering life's basic questions. And that's when something interesting popped up in his side-view mirror.

And then they did the classic Kanima "I'm yours" high-five!

So the main thing to take away from this was, if you assumed Matt had been some supernatural mastermind of the highest order, turns out that wasn't the case. He just naturally had hate in his heart, was in the right place at the right time, and decided to make the most of his nightmarish new buddy.

Meanwhile the forcibly retired Sheriff Stilinski found himself on the receiving end of two teens who claimed to have cracked the murder case! It was fairly amusing seeing them try to explain why Matt had been the culprit without mentioning all the supernatural elements. Fortunately there had been some surveillance footage of Matt at the hospital the night of the pregnant girl's smother-murder, and that seemed to be enough to convince Stiles' Dad to nab Matt. Next all they needed was (1) Scott's mom to step forward as an eyewitness and also (2) to smooth talk the Sheriff's station front desk lady into letting them have free access to the entire department.

She ended up letting them through but not without staring at them with withering contempt. It made me laugh when the next time we saw her she still had the EXACT same look on her face:

Because OH YEAH they weren't alone in that station anymore!

Oh, Matt was here! And he had a gun! At first I assumed he'd won it in a claw game or something, but he probably just took it off the dead lady. Occam's razor, you know?

God bless this show. Anyway, Derek woke up from his blood-letting resurrection of Peter Hale to find out that that he was still an Alpha. Phew! Also the vet was really eager to help him out for some reason?

Though we STILL didn't find out what exactly the vet's background is (WHERE'S YOUR RESUMÉ, SIR?) he did confirm that he's a bit of an "adviser" figure in the werewolf world, which recently entailed his long-term assistance of the non-Peter parts of the Hale family, but especially Derek's mother, to whom he'd promised he'd look out for Derek. I'm not sure. I guess he's sort of like Richard Alpert on Lost. Maybe we'll get a really cool origins episode out of it?

Meanwhile at the station, Matt was holding everyone at gunpoint while the Kanima systematically murdered the entire Beacon Hill Sheriff's Department!

Oh well. Honestly, the town's probably better off.

Meanwhile Allison was still dealing with the aftermath of her mother's death a few hours prior (R.I.P. BB!) and her mood was NOT helped by a certain growly, angry speech-giving grandfather.

This was actually a good scene as Grandpa Argent used all his best rhetorical tricks to get Allison SUPER mad about Derek having gotten bitey with Mrs. Argent. You or I would've been like, "Relax, Grandpa, you're clearly manipulating me right now." But Allison was in a bit of a state, you know? Anyway, he delivered to her a suicide note in which Mrs. Argent presumably spelled out why exactly she was going to off herself with a kitchen knife.

Though we weren't privy to the note's actual contents, whatever it said caused Allison to throw away all her possessions in a manic fit and then transform into a sort of modern-day Xena:

Now that Matt had cleared the station of all non-regular characters, the party REALLY got started:


Oh, hey Kanima. (Ugh, what a party ruiner.) Just kidding, I love the Kanima. It was a total master stroke giving it the ability to paralyze people. Not only is paralysis sort of a nightmarish situation (and cheap to film!), it legitimately levels the playing field with the werewolves. It also leads to situations in which one character might suddenly become paralyzed on top of another character:

Haha, this show. Never change.

So then Mrs. McCall arrived and things did NOT go well.

Obviously we knew Scott couldn't die from a simple gunshot wound (and oh yeah, Matt was pretty well educated about all things werewolf at this point), but this was definitely going to create a tricky situation later when Scott's mom (WHO IS A NURSE) would discover that his life-threatening gunshot wound basically went away.

So at this point we were like, "Wait, W the F is Matt trying to accomplish with all this?" As it turned out, in addition to the widespread revenge he'd been exacting over the past few weeks, what he really wanted from Scott was a copy of his Beastiary PDF. Because yuck:

Yup, looked like the Master-Kanima relationship had some interesting side-effects! But honestly it probably wasn't that big a deal. The vet probably had Werewolf Jergens in his desk drawer or something.

After a quick dispute between Mr. Argent and Grandpa Argent over whether Allison was old enough to adopt the mantle of Family Leader, it was decided that if there's one thing a devastated, grieving teenager is good at, it's deciding who lives and who dies.

Derek was in troooouuuuble! And so too, apparently, were Scott and the rest of the baby werewolves. Basically anybody who stepped to Allison was about to get crossbow'd!

Meanwhile, it was time we FINALLY learned what had happened to Matt all those years ago.

I don't know about you, but I was expecting a truly horrifying story. But nope! Basically when he was like 12 he tried to borrow a comic book from Isaac, but there was a swim team pool party and he got thrown in the pool where he proceeded to sink like a stone while everybody laughed at him.

And he sort of lost consciousness, because the next thing he knew he was beside the pool receiving CPR from Isaac's dad. Crisis averted, right? Nope! Because Isaac's dad had made the fatal error of telling Matt not to tell anybody. Aaaand that was it.

Honestly, the low-stakes scenario that Matt spelled out was kind of perfect! I loved that it made him seem even more pathetic and insane than before. Like, really? You've now killed a half-dozen people and at least as many bystanders (including cops!) because you almost drowned one time while some drunk teenagers weren't aware that you had breathed in pool water? Haha okay.

As for the Kanima connection, apparently the killings began by happenstance. Matt was just so mad about everything still that when he took a picture of Isaac's dad, the next day he wound up dead. So from then on any time he took a picture of someone he hated, that person would die. Again, this was a surprisingly casual situation and not the epic, ancient scenario I'd been envisioning. And again, I liked that about it. The senselessness of it all just made everything even more reprehensible.

And that's when the station's power cut out and machine gun fire broke all the front windows! Pretty soon Allison and Mrs. Argent had arrived to kill Derek once and for all. For his part, Scott was fairly surprised to run into Allison like this.

From the way she pointed that crossbow at him it seemed fairly official that these two had broken up. Being a teenager is hard! But especially these teenagers.

I loved this jump-scare when the Kanima emerged from shadows behind Mr. Argent. It was VERY Alien. After it tackled her dad to the ground, Allison rolled up and shot the Kanima IN THE FACE with an arrow. But it was a NBD situation: The Kanima just pulled the arrow out of its dome and gave chase.

Man, so good. Just when we thought the Kanima was about to pounce on our scared, cowering heroine, she jumped out in slow motion with a HUGE KNIFE and STABBED IT. And when that didn't work, she unsheathed a new knife and STABBED IT AGAIN. Loving her badassery. So good. I mean, she STILL got paralyzed, but she's new at this, you know?

Before the Kanima could deliver a killing stroke, Matt walked over and gave us another nice bit of crazy. He was definitely still feeling kind of jilted over her rejection of his advances. (And I guess this answered the question of why he'd been taking pictures of her with his TO-KILL camera. He just liked her a lot! See, simple.) But yeah, now he was pretty ready to kill her for her crime of not liking him back.

But first! A monster brawl!

Whoops! Derek's tussle with the Kanima happened right in front of Mrs. McCall! The only thing more awkward would've been if Scott had—

Oh. Well, things just got interesting! How on earth would Mrs. McCall react to seeing her only child as a supernatural beast-creature! As it turned out, not well:

So yeah, bummer, Scott. I don't know about you, but I halfway expected her to be like, "Me too!" and then wolf out. But nope, turns out she's just a scared, regular human being. Some of those do exist still.

Maybe I'd missed something, but I did not see this coming: Scott had sort of cut a deal with Mr. Argent to sell out Derek? Or at least to lure the Argent family to the station so that Grandpa Argent could carry out some kind of secret plan? Either way, it was weird and fun! But unfortunately Derek overheard them gabbing and got all frowned up.

Aw. Big bro-little bro drama is the saddest.

Meanwhile Matt decided that hanging out at a destroyed Sheriff's station where three monsters were at odds with an ancient line of werewolf hunters was probably not the best place to be. Unfortunately during his retreat he was intercepted!

And that's how an 18-year-old dude came to be overpowered by a frail old man, dragged into a nearby creek and drowned... TO DEATH!

R.I.P. MATT! I only learned your name two episodes ago, but I will miss your Sufjan Stevens-like visage.

Anyway, I loved this part... The Kanima watched all this from the shadows, like some abandoned, frightened kitten.

Poor Kanima! Its master had done died! But Grandpa Argent noticed the sad creature, and, using some quick thinking, decided to turn lonely Kanima into lonely Kanima-ade.

And HAHA watching all of THAT happen was none other than recently resurrected Peter Hale, who I'm guessing immediately began to have second thoughts about his timing.

What a thing to wake up to, you know? But Peter's possible misfortune was OUR gain: This season is definitely heading into overdrive. The Argents control the Kanima and Peter Hale does NOT approve. Who is good? Who is bad? Will Derek be having any more "near-death experiences"? I cannot wait to see how this all shakes out.

Fun episode. Heavy on the exposition, sure, but totally necessary to fill us in on what we need to know heading into the climax, you know? I'm into it.



... What will Grandpa Argent do with his new pet?

... Will Scott's mom ground him for being a monster?

... Did Lydia spend the evening kicking stoned people out of her back yard?

... Should Beacon Hill even bother hiring new cops?

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