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TEN does Stop Believing

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Singing and dancing spectacular is pulled from TEN's 2011 schedule.

Network TEN had done a backflip on plans to stage its all-singing, all-dancing production Don't Stop Believing in 2011.

The Glee-inspired series has been pulled from the network's 2011 schedule after the series failed in the UK.

TEN had hoped the new series would become its next big entertainment series, following on from So You Think You Can Dance Australia and Australian Idol.

When it was first announced, David Mott, chief programming officer said of the show, "Don't Stop Believing is a joyous format and a perfect fit for the big entertainment, feel-good direction TEN has been heading for the last few years.

"We have had incredible success in identifying and airing excellent high impact performance shows and this is bigger and better than any we have ever undertaken."

TEN's 2011 launch in September also included an elaborately-staged production number to sponsors in Sydney and Melbourne.

But the industry has watched big dollars being spent on The X Factor (Australia) and had concerns about fatigue in the musical genre. Seven spent some $22 million on buying the Simon Cowell-created series, but the ratings have not returned the investment. In the final weeks it is gathering some momentum, but Seven is expected to offer a much lower fee should the series be renewed for 2011.

The UK version of Don't Stop Believing aired with host Emma Bunton as the first of its kind for Channel Five. Like a cross between Battle of the Choirs and Glee it saw vocal groups performing mashed-up medleys of songs from pop, rock and music theatre.

The show also included a resident vocal troupe. The Australian version, which was to be produced by Shine Australia, would have been delivered from producers with far more experience in the genre. Many of the production team had worked on Idol, Dance and Australia's Got Talent while TEN is known for big event television.

Officially, TEN says it may yet revisit the concept. But those with a long memory will recall that it also said Australian Idol may return at some point. In this industry it is difficult to revive a brand once the name has taken a hit, let alone watching the production team disband.

There are still some "shiny floor" shows in TEN's 2011 arsenal including a huge renovation series The Renovators, MasterChef Australia and The Biggest Loser.

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