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Ten Reasons Why I Loved Sunday's Episode of Mad Men

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How much did I love Sunday’s episode of Mad Men, “Waldorf Stories”? Let me count down the ways.

10. Duck (Mark Moses) got thrown out of the CLIO Awards.
Hark! The return of Mark Moses! Even if it was for a few inebriated seconds, it was awfully fun to see this guy back in the ad world before he returns to Wisteria Lane.

9. Don (Jon Hamm) gave a drunk pitch to a new client.
The only thing better than seeing Duck (or Pryce, for that matter) drunk is seeing Don drunk. But when Don is drunk, he makes successful (albiet unoriginal) pitches. Now that’s clutch.

8. Don laughed heartily at the thought of hiring Danny.
Think about it for a second. Have you ever seen this guy laugh like that before? It was almost disorienting.

7. Roger (John Slattery) began to write his memoir.
What a flawless way to incorporate flashbacks into the episode. We got to see a sterling silver Roger Sterling and an eager Don Draper. He could have sold a fur coat to a PETA activist.

6. Don said, “Just because I got nominated doesn’t mean they’re gonna give me an award.”
Well timed, Matthew Weiner.

5. Don actually won a CLIO Award.
It’s kind of nice when he’s happy, isn’t it?

4. Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) said, “Judas Priest!”
What’s not to love about his tame expletives?

3. Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) stripped down to prove a point to Rizzo, the asshole art director.
And then she got to jab him later with a remark about his penis size. Zing!

2. Danny (Danny Strong) got the job at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
Gilmore Girls fans, raise your hands if you expected to see Liza Weil pop up beside Doyle I mean, Danny. Welcome to the agency, son.

1. Don kissed Joan (Christina Hendricks) at the CLIO Awards.
Wait, what?! The two most attractive characters on the show barely even speak to each other, let alone have sexual chemistry. Now they’re kissing? It had to be a ruse to fool the CLIO audience into thinking Don was attached.

What was your favorite moment from “Waldorf Stories”?

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