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When the 2009-2010 TV season started, Thursday looked like the night to stay home, pop a microwavable dinner into the nuke-em machine, and park your behind on the couch. But as we approach May and the end of the current television season, it isn't Thursday night that's causing my DVR to overheat. It's Sunday.

While I should be spending my Sundays running errands and taking advantage of some excellent weather on the West Coast, I've been using the day off to cultivate a Tim-shaped imprint on my sofa. And it's not just primetime programming that's keeping me couch-bound. Last week, my daylight hours were devoted to The Masters; sometime before that I was glued to March Madness; these days, I'm showing up for baseball and the NHL and NBA playoffs. And at night, I'm watching some of television's best programming:

Discovery's Life, even with Oprah Winfrey as narrator, is about as enrapturing as non-fiction television can get. The series just wrapped its run of color-changing Humboldt Squids, cheetahs hunting in packs, and lizards walking on water.

HBO has begun its rebirth with two excellent series: First, there's the epic The Pacific, about the Pacific Theater during World War II. And second, there's David Simon's Treme, about post-Katrina New Orleans. The former is in the middle of its 10-episode run, and the latter just began what promises to be a very critically successful run (it was renewed for a second season after only one episode aired).

But as superb as all that programming is, I haven't even gotten to the highlight of the evening. AMC's Breaking Bad is the best show on television right now. By my estimate, the show should have slowed down a bit in its third season, but the writers have done the impossible and taken things to a new level of intensity, all while staying within the realm of reality and remaining morbidly hysterical.

So while Thursdays still have appointment television (Fringe, Supernatural, Community) and Tuesdays have Lost, I'll take Sundays right now over any other night of the week.

What's your favorite day of the week to watch TV?

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In the past month, Sundays have emerged as television gold (especially in the two weeks since Treme premiered), but that momentum will inevitably end when the shows start to wrap things up for the summer.

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