Thank God says Seven

Channel TEN has lost one of its prized shows, Thank God You're Here, to the Seven Network.

The hit comedy series will return in 2009 after being off screen all year.

The deal between producers Working Dog productions and the Seven Network is a huge blow to Channel TEN, which had been trying to lure the show back to the screen for some time.

And why wouldn't they? The show featuring celebrities stumbling through doors and improvising their way out of a paper bag was a winner with viewers from the get go.

It delivered bumper ratings to TEN across three series.

Shane Bourne, who already appears in Seven's City Homicide, keeps his role as the host of the show while Tom Gleisner returns to the judge's chair.

"Having taken a year off it felt right to try some new things with the show -- including a different home. Moving will give us the opportunity to expose Thank God You're Here to a whole new audience, while also allowing Shane to continue using his City Homicide parking space," said Gleisner.

Moving the show will likely see a new batch of celebrities and comedians -- but probably not Hamish & Andy anymore, who are part of the team at Rove.

There is also the possibility of further shows between Seven and Working Dog, who have been busy with The Hollowmen on the ABC this year.

TEN's programming manager David Mott said, "The collaboration between Network TEN and Working Dog has produced some ground-breaking Australian television such as The Panel, The Panel Xmas Wrap and Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures.

"Network TEN also took a leap of faith with Working Dog to develop what was then just an idea into Thank God You're Here, which became an Australian success on TEN in 2006.

"We are disappointed that we couldn't settle on a mutually rewarding position in our recent negotiations."

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