The 6 Best Kills of the Spartacus: Vengeance Finale... in Pictures!

Tonight marked the spectacularly gory and satisfying conclusion to Starz's Spartacus: Vengeance, a series that never failed to evoke passionate responses from its dedicated fans. And so we throw it open to you: Did the finale live up to the high standards set by the rest of the season? Were you shocked by any of its twists? Thrilled and/or a little disappointed at seeing some of your favorite villains meet their graphic ends? Did Liam McIntyre sufficiently claim the role of Spartacus as his own? I'm sure you all have a lot to say about it, so consider this your place to do so. In the meantime, enjoy this visual countdown of the best kills from "Wrath of the Gods."

6. Lucretia Stabs a Handmaiden in the Larynx

5. Gannicus Cleaves a Guy’s Head in Two

4. Mira Takes a Hatchet to the Neck

3. Lucretia Dives Backwards Off a Cliff Holding Illythia’s Newborn Son

2. Spartacus Impales Glaber Down the Esophagus

1. Naevia Decapitates Ashur in Three Whacks

And there you have it, folks. Would you have ordered them any differently?

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