The Alternative BAFTA Awards

Are you bored of the BAFTAs? Fed up with predictable, ill-considered accolades being thrust at the same old cosy comedies, smug presenters and self-consciously gritty dramas year in, year out? We thought so, and shares your pain. That’s why we’ve decided to take some anarchic action and put forward our own winners – and losers – of the past televisual year. Let us know your thoughts and nominate your own alternative TV heroes and zeroes below.

Most Overrated, Irritating and Downright Unfunny TV comedian
And the BAFTA goes to:
Harry Hill for Harry Hill's TV Burp
Somehow, TV’s least amusing comedian is also BAFTA’s golden boy. He’s won the Best Entertainer award two years in a row and we sincerely hope he doesn’t make it a hat-trick. Michael Mcintyre comes a very close second, due to being insufferably smug, and never knowingly funny.

Fastest Shrinking Presenter of a Panel Show
And the winner is:
Stephen Fry for QI
After Fern Britton svelted herself with a gastric band, we thought we’d seen middle-aged celebrity weight loss at its most extreme. But Mr Fry’s ever decreasing circumference has made the recent series of QI that much more gawp-worthy--perhaps taking inspiration from the host of that other Dave stalwart, Mock the Week's Dara O'Briain.

Best Portrayal of a Jowly Norse Detective
And the gong goes to:
Krister Henriksson for Wallander
The Swedish cop show only came on our radar because of the hyped, stylish Kenneth Branagh remake. But the subtitled original series, tucked away on BBC4, is sumptuous drama. Much of its appeal comes from Henriksson’s take on the laconic lawman.

Best posh Brit in a US show
And the winner is:
Eve Best for Nurse Jackie
The pain-addled nurse's best pal, Eleanor O'Hara, didn’t come across well in the beginning. But anyone who’s stuck with this sensational hospital drama has watched the unknown actress and her hard-faced character bloom.

Best US Show You've Never Heard of (because, infuriatingly, it hasn't been picked it up in the UK.)
A BAFTA sad-face statue goes to:
United States of Tara
The Golden Globe winning comedy drama about a suburban mum with multiple personalities, by Juno writer Diablo Cody, is exquisitely funny, moving and perfectly cast. We predict that it’ll be bought up and praise-decorated within the year.

Most Preposterous On-screen Channelling of a Dead, Weird Megastar
This most prestigious of gongs goes to:
Michael Jackson: The Live Séance
Jacko’s departure was bound to inspire some questionable TV responses but none were quite so deranged and offensive as Sky One’s special, hosted by “psychic” Derek Acorah (Ghost Watch). He took mad fans of the dead singer to a house he’d once stayed in and called forth Jackson’s spirit. It was far from thrilling.

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Jun 05, 2010
I agree about Harry Hill. Although that Frankie Boyle gives him a run for his money. Why do they need commentary on outtake and home movie shows. The clips are funny enough without some inane idiot droning on over the top.
Jun 05, 2010
Don't agree about Harry Hill. He's superb. Really really funny :) Each to their own I guess.

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