The Amazing Race Cast is Loaded with Diversity

Guys who sing without music, women who peddle garbage on television, and a mother and daughter recently reunited after 20 years. Yep, those are just some of the teams announced for the 17th edition of CBS' The Amazing Race.

Eleven teams will compete for the million-dollar prize when they trek around the world to Bangladesh, Ghana, and the Arctic Circle. Is this a show or is it the most awesome vacation ever? Hey CBS, sign me up! I'll take my cat.

Here are the teams that will be participating:

Brook Roberts (San Diego), 27, and Claire Champlin (Reno), 30
Occupations: Home shopping channel hosts
Relationship: Coworkers
Outlook: Breaking nails will be their Achilles heel.

Nick DeCarlo (Henderson, NV), 26, and Vicki Casciola (Henderson, NV), 26
Occupations: Bartender and hair stylist
Relationship: Dating
Outlook: We've all traveled with our significant others and know what happens. This is a disaster waiting to happen!

Ron Kellum (Los Angeles), 45, and Tony Stovall (Tucson), 42
Occupations: Director/choreographer and doctoral student
Relationship: Best Friends
Outlook: Choreographer? That'll come in handy. Early exit for these two, but something tells me we won't want to see them leave.

Michael Wu (Sugar Land, Texas), 58, and Kevin Wu (Sugar Land), 20
Occupations: Software consultant and YouTube "sensation"
Relationship: Father/Son
Outlook: They at least have a sense of humor about the whole thing, I guess I'll root for them.

Chad Waltrip (Ft. Lauderdale), 26, and Stephanie Smith (Ft. Lauderdale), 23
Occupations: Operations manager and hair stylist
Relationship: Newly dating
Outlook: Not just dating, NEWLY dating. They don't stand a chance

Nat Strand (Scottsdale), 31, and Kat Chang (Santa Monica), 35
Occupations: Sexy female doctors!
Relationship: Friends, sexy coworkers
Outlook: Sexy female doctors? Sorry Wu clan, I'm moving my allegiance over to these two.

Gary Ervin (Morganfield, Kentucky), 53, and Mallory Ervin (Lexington), 24
Occupations: Entrepreneur and Miss Kentucky 2009
Relationship: Father/Daughter
Outlook: If you were parading around the world with your Miss Kentucky daughter, wouldn't you be a little distracted fending off sleazy foreign dudes? No chance.

Connor Diemand-Yauman (Chesterland, Ohio), 22, and Jonathan Schwartz (Cranford, New Jersey), 22
Occupations: Students at Princeton
Relationship: Ivy League A Capella Singers
Outlook: It was bad enough that they're Princeton students, but now you add A Capella singers? Nerd alert. Will be beaten up by bullies somewhere in Europe.

Jill Haney (Marina Del Rey, California), 27, and Thomas Wolfard (Marina Del Rey), 30
Occupations: Hair stylist and Ad Sales Director
Relationship: Dating
Outlook: How many hair stylists are in this friggin' thing anyway?

Andie DeKroon (Atlanta), 43, and Jenna Sykes (Athens, Georgia), 21
Occupations: Stay at home mom and student
Relationship: Birth mother and daughter, just met 20 years after Jenna was given up for adoption
Outlook: So Andie is a stay at home mom yet Jenna just met her for the first time? Expect all sorts of abandonment issues to sink this team.

Katie Seamon (Rahway, New Jersey), 23, and Rachel Johnston (Moorestown, New Jersey), 24
Occupations: Beach volleyball players
Relationship: Beach volleyball partners
Outlook: Sexy female beach volleyball players? We have our winners!!!

Who do you think will win?

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Sep 06, 2010
Yeah, what is up with all the hairstylists?!
Sep 02, 2010
i cant wait for this season and i think this will be a great season.
Sep 02, 2010
Sexy female beach volleyball players!
Sep 01, 2010
Stopped watching after a while.
Sep 01, 2010
i cant wait for this season and i think its whoever will play the dirtiest

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