The Amazing Race heads down under

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After 16 seasons of the original series and over 30 international syndications, Australia will finally get its own version of the reality competition.

Channel Seven and Disney Media Distribution Asia Pacific have joined forces to bring the widely popular franchise to Australia.

Appealing to pairs of "everyday Aussies ready to take on the world", The Amazing Race Australia promises a world-class production and a massive cash prize for the winning team.

"The US version of The Amazing Race has had a huge following on Seven and we are thrilled to be working with Disney on The Amazing Race Australia, which promises to capture the excitement of the original series," said Brad Lyons, Seven's head of Production.

"Audiences in Australia have shown an enormous appetite for high-quality, locally produced shows in recent years. The Amazing Race Australia is another great milestone in our long-standing relationship with Channel Seven in bringing programs that resonate with viewers here," said Rob Gilby, senior vice president and managing director, Disney Media Distribution Asia Pacific.

The series will be produced in conjunction with Active TV, which is responsible for The Amazing Race Asia.

With applications requiring Race hopefuls to be available for five weeks between September and December 2010, production will begin later this year but don't expect the show to hit screens until at least 2011.

Do you want to be part of The Amazing Race Australia? More details and application forms can be found at

UPDATE: After receiving hundreds of calls about extending the deadline for this years' Amazing Race Australia, the show's producers have extended the deadline for applications until September 17 at 6pm. Get entering!

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yes no one does it dumber than the Americans, the aussies would just curse and swear to much. You would have to beep half the show out. Still looking fwd to see what 'freaks' and so called normal people they have picked.
So delighted to finally have this show made in Australia. Unfortunately I'm only 16, so I won't be on for a few years, but if the show succeeds, I'll be thre for season hthree or four! Great news!

I'll stick to the original.
Seriously!!! Does anyone remember the last time an Australian network ATTEMPTED(AND FAILED) to transfer a U.S. reality show to Australian TV...SURVIVOR:AUSTRALIA(Not the second series of survivor but an actual Australian version) lasted if I remember correctly about 1 and a half weeks before it was pulled off air and the prize money for whichever i*iot won was a whopping $50,000 as opposed to the million offered by CBS and the real survivor, So following in that trend and considering the contestants are only needed for 5 weeks I foresee a show that airs 1 episode at 8:30PM then gets vanquished to the 12:00AM - 01:00AM slot and will probably have a total prize of not $1,000,000 but $100,000(If that)

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