The Arrested Development Reunion Runs Wilde

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... When David Cross and Will Arnett come together on-screen, the magical comedy elves explode in a violent laugh bomb, torching the Earth with hysterics (so says my tripping friend). Cross and Arnett will reunite and drop laugh bombs all over Fox next season, as Cross has been added to the cast of Running Wilde. The comedy stars Arnett as a rich jerk who tries to win the heart of a headstrong environmentalist (Keri Russell). Cross will play her fiance. Please please please be good. [TV Guide]

... How much pressure is created by a cameo on Glee? Filipino pop star Charice Pempengco is booked for an appearance on the show as a foreign exchange student, and to look fresh for her big American break, she's shooting anti-aging Botox into her face. She's 18 years old!!! I'm telling you, Glee is the most evil thing in the world. Get your pitchforks and torches. IT MUST BE STOPPED. [Associated Press]

... Actress Jorja Fox just can't stay away from CSI. Fox, who plays Sara Sidle, left the show in 2007 to spend more time with her family and do other things, but didn't stay away for long, appearing in both Season 9 and Season 10. Now she's signed a deal to return for Season 11, and may do more than just drop by as a guest. [EW]

... The zenith of horrible television, VH1's [insert the name of any VH1 show here, but in this case Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew], has announced its cast of snorting, injecting, and smoking pseudo-celebs for its next round of shameless television. The group will include Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel, Party of Five lunatic Jeremy London, huge jerk and modeling agent Janice Dickinson, former child sensation Leif Garrett, Keyshia Cole's mom Frankie Lons (moms? really?), The Hills "star" Jason Wahler, and some dude named Jason Davis. As soon as I learn the premiere date, I'll let you know so you can plan to be as far away from your television as possible. [Orlando Sentinel]

... The Jersey Shore cast is on strike! Those lovable stereotypes were supposed to shoot "at home" scenes for Season 3, but have refused to participate until they're offered better contracts. Ummm, guys? The fact that you get paid to do anything is a good contract. [TMZ]

... ABC's The Gates and Scoundrels are still on television. I tell you this because it seems no one is watching either show, and I just thought it's because you all didn't know they were still on. They're on Sunday nights at 9pm and 10pm. What's that? Oh you don't watch them because they're horrible and you'd rather watch America's Got Talent repeats? Gotcha. Carry on. [TV By the Numbers]

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