The Bachelor in Paris

Having somehow made it to an eighth season, The Bachelor is picking up shop and moving to Paris, France. This will be the first time the reality dating show will be shot outside the United States, as all previous seasons have been based in Los Angeles or New York.

A statement released by ABC promises that the new Paris locale will offer "numerous seductive possibilities with vast scenic panoramas, intimate bistros and mysteries lurking around every corner and side street." Perhaps this atmospheric improvement will help to create a lasting relationship, which is something the show and its sister, The Bachelorette, have been less than successful at in the past. After 10 completed seasons between them, the two shows have produced just one marriage--between Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter.

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, its premise is simple. One eligible but lonely bachelor meets a harem of 25 eager women, who bicker and plot against one another while declaring their undying love for the man they've all just met. The lucky fellow must slowly eliminate the unsuitable contestants until he's left with just one woman, who, by then, he has presumably fallen deeply in love with. The happy couple is blessed with fame, fortune, and lucrative careers based on television appearances.

The Bachelor is currently accepting applications for the Paris season, and details can be found on the official ABC Web site.

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Jul 25, 2005
Of all the reality programs out there, this is one of the worst.
Jul 13, 2005
what the?
Jul 12, 2005
I'm happy to say I've never watched either of those shows.

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