The Battle(star) for fast tracking

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Leading the pack, in terms of scripted drama, is actually the Sci Fi Channel with its bold delivery of Battlestar Galactica episodes just hours after they air in the US.

Australians can now watch the last batch of Season 4 episodes every Saturday night until the show's grand finale, to air on March 21st. This is a vast improvement for fans of the show who were messed around by screenings on TEN.

Sci Fi has clearly noted that the audience for this show isn't prepared to wait and will view it by "other means" if need be.

Another show that falls smack bang into that territory is Lost. Seven returns it to air next week, but unlike the US, disappointingly splits the two-hour season premiere; four hours of Lost will have screened in America before we get to see any of it. 24, which Seven premieres this week, has enjoyed six hours in the US; however, Seven will be screening two-hour blocks early on, meaning we should catch up pretty fast.

Seven's other big "fast tracked-sensitive" show, Heroes, shows no sign of returning yet, despite more episodes airing in the US from this week.

TEN is fast tracking Lie to Me, which has only seen two episodes screen in the US. Tim Roth as a body language expert solving crimes will remind you of The Mentalist, and possibly Psych. It's too early to know how well the show will prosper.

Speaking of Simon Baker, last year Nine was fast tracking some of the series to us, but now due to summer non-ratings it has lagged behind. True fast tracking at Nine is now given over to chat shows such as The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as TEN does with Letterman.

Foxtel is also bringing us Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart and American Idol hot off the satellite too.

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