The Ben and Locke Show is Happening!

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... What once was just science-fiction is now science-fact! That show pitch Terry O'Quinn was shopping around starring him and former Lost co-star Michael Emerson is actually happening. J.J. Abrams has come on board and NBC has purchased the rights. Called Odd Jobs, the show is believed to put the former Ben Linus and John Locke in a dramedy about former black operative agents. [Deadline Hollywood]

... A TV adaptation of Goodfellas is making the rounds at networks, and of course the networks are drooling over it. I'm a big fan of the movie, and think it should remain a movie. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Super hottie Eliza Dushku (she's a flirt!) isn't regularly employed, but you will be able to see her on TV soon. The former Dollhouse star and producer will guest star on The Big Bang Theory as an FBI agent who does a background check on Howard to grant him a high-level of security clearance. [Fancast]

... Good news One Tree Hill and Hellcats fans, the CW has ordered six more scripts for each show, improving their chances at renewal—or at least of sticking around for a while. Noticeably absent on the order list is Life Unexpected. :( [The Live Feed]

... Lifetime has renewed Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva. Please provide your own commentary on that bit of news. [The Live Feed]

... Katy Perry dropped by Sesame Street dressed like a two-nickel whore, and parents complained. So her scene has been cut from the show, to the disappointment to sexually mature preschoolers all over. [The Live Feed]

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