The Best (and Biggest) Hair on Classic TV

Exploring's vast archive of classic TV clips makes one thing very clear: Hairstyles were an integral part of TV show wardrobes long before Rachel's 'do on Friends took the nation's salons by storm. These classic TV clips remind us that even if clothes don't make the man, in the 70s and 80s the hair sometimes made the show.

21 Jump Street

Everyone in this 1987 episode looks like a walking ad for hair gel as Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) goes undercover to end the rivalry between two punk gangs who use the word "heck" a lot. Don't miss Jason Priestly's memorable mohawk.

What's Happening

In the 1970s, What's Happening's Dwayne Nelson (Haywood Nelson) sported a glistening 'do that paired beautifully with his all-polyester ensembles.

Hollywood Squares

Marty Allen mastered the alluring windswept look, and the show's ever-growing roster of stars and starlets featured the hottest hairstyles of the day.

Married with Children

Had Peg Bundy's (Katy Segal) sky-high red locks gotten any bigger, they would've endangered low-flying aircraft.

Who's the Boss?

When Samantha (Alyssa Milano) started rocking a bob, she was saying to the world: "I'm all grown up."

And then there was Angela's (Judith Light) blonde nest of curls and hairspray, which mirrored her bird-like, type-A personality.

The Facts of Life

The girls' hairstyles said so much about their personalities! Jo (Nancy McKeon)'s pulled-back ponytail showed off her tomboyishness; Blair's (Lisa Whelchel) blond flowing locks exemplified her uppity upper class-ness; and Tooti's (Kim Fields) bob was at once girlish and serious. As for Natalie (Mindy Cohn), she often wore her hair in half pigtails. And well, Natalie always had some growing up to do.

Charlie's Angels

Farrah Fawcett, the subject of a famous photograph that actually had people believing that her curly locks spelled out S.E.X., made quite an impression with that fluffy head of hair.

Hart to Hart

Jennifer Hart's (Stefanie Powers) feathery helmet never budged (it only slightly fluttered), even as she rode in that convertible during the opening credits. A testament to the holding power of Aquanet.


The characters on this show had ridiculously complicated hairstyles for a bunch of people hanging out at the beach all the time. And yes, that is totally Richard Dreyfuss playing the school nerd, Derf the Drag.

Which classic TV hairdo is your favorite?

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