The Best and Worst Credit Sequences of the 2012-2013 TV Season: Sunday Shows

We end our week-long review of this season's new opening credits sequences on Sunday, arguably the best night of television of the week. But does that translate to the night of best opening credit sequences? No, silly. But at least there's a photobombing dog!

666 Park Avenue

Did we even ever figure out what was beneath that tile mural in the basement of the haunted apartment building, the first image of this intro, before this show got canceled? I actually don't think there's anything wrong with this sequence, given that the show was about as scary as the Haunted House at Disneyland. But that doesn't mean there's anything right. If the art department turned this in as a first draft, I'd be all like, "Well, it's a good start..." And then I'd have my secretary fire them two days before Christmas. Grade: C

Political Animals

This is another one of those intros where someone goes overboard on the layers in Adobe After Effects. As simply something to look at, it's fine. But where's the artistic touch? Where's the thematic subtext? This collection of video-editing presets could also be the opening to 1600 Penn or a fan-created tribute video if it wanted to be. I'm not going to say anything about the music choice, The Kills, but if I did, it would be something like, "I don't care for The Kills." But again, I'm not saying anything about it. Grade: D

The Walking Dead (Season 3)

Between Seasons 2 and 3, The Walking Dead decided to switch up its opening credits to better reflect the current state of the show. If you'll recall, episodes in Seasons 1 and 2 were introduced with footage of a lifeless urban landscape, but Season 3 moved out to the country with creepy crawlies and one very disturbing close-up shot of a zombie eye. Did the show need new opening credits? No. Is it better for having them? Sure, why not. And this theme, from Bear McCreary, has become one of TV's best. Grade: B+

The Newsroom

I hate this and love it at the same time. At first I'm like, "Awww." Then I'm like "Ughhhh." It really reflects how divisive the show is; it's self important and more pretentious than a French hipster barista, yet it also has a message of truth that I like to believe in. At 90 seconds, it's way too long, yet it's also mesmerizing! And does anyone else feel like they're about to watch a Spielberg movie? Mixed feelings all over the place. Grade: A/F

Dog With a Blog

Before you deem this sequence as The Most Annoying Thing Ever, consider the audience of Dog With a Blog: children and immature stoners. And there is nothing greater to those two demographics than a dog that photobombs family pictures. Do yourself a favor and look at each family member's face as the camera snaps, and I think you'll agree that together they're a lock for the Emmy for Best Ensemble Cast in an Opening Credit Sequence. This is the Taj Mahal of credit sequences. Grade: A-

Which new Sunday-night credit sequences do you like best? Of all the intros we've looked at this week, which one do you think is the best overall?

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