The Big Bang Theory "The Fish Guts Displacement" Review: Playing Doctor

The Big Bang Theory S06E10: “The Fish Guts Displacement”

Howard was forced into a fishing trip with his he-man father-in-law and things took a turn for the sweet. Sheldon was forced (per his and Amy's relationship agreement) to take care of a sick Amy and things took a turn for the weird. Well, weirder than usual for those two. I can’t help but feel like we’re gearing up for an actual sexual relationship between Amy and Sheldon and I’m not sure that I’m ready for that. Amy’s eagerness to let Sheldon rub Vicks on her chest, give her a bath, and spank her for being a “very bad girl” who lied about how sick she actually was were certainly the funniest parts of the episode. However, they were also some of the skeeviest when you consider that Sheldon clearly didn’t understand the implications of his actions the way Amy did.

Straightforward stories and a noticeable lack of Penny/Leonard relationship drama made for a second straight week of awesomeness on The Big Bang Theory. I've missed how you used to be awesome, show!

Bernadette’s parents joined the Wolowitzes for Awkward Family Dinner Night. Howard failed at small talk, but frankly, Bernadette’s parents weren’t particularly chatty themselves either. Desperate to make a good impression, Howard asked Bernadette for an assist and she recommended that Howard join her father for his weekend fishing trip. He meant talking points, Bernie, a little help with talking points.

Predictably, Leonard and Raj couldn’t offer much assistance to Howard during his panic-fueled fishing-trip prep, though Raj helpfully offered to show him how to steam his catch in banana leaves when he returned (yum!). The men went off to find “someone who can do manly things” and ended up at Penny’s place. I saw it coming, but it made me laugh anyway. I love competent Penny.

Fishing lessons with Sherm the Worm were interrupted when the guys began to compete over who had the saddest and loneliest childhood with the least attentive-father, which Howard soundly won with his tale of woe and abandonment. That hole in his life, however, was seemingly filled when he arrived at the in-laws' place ready to fish, though he was still totally reluctant about it. As it turned out, so was Mr. Rostenkowski! Yay Resentment BFFs! Bernadette’s papa wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of spending the weekend with Howard, but his wife made him do it, just like his daughter made her husband agree to the bonding trip as well. They decided to make the best of their mandated playdate and hit up a casino. Mr. R. offered to teach Howard how to play craps and yup, those were definitely some Wolowitz man-tears threatening to fall as Howard finally found a dad figure willing to teach him stuff. Awww.

It’s a good thing we got our “aww” from Howard’s story, since Sheldon and Amy’s elicited more of an “ew” response. Usually, it’s the other way around.

After two days, Amy was feeling much better, but she enjoyed spending so much time with Sheldon that she kept up the facade of illness, even going as far as to stuff rubber cement up her nose... which, come to think of it, probably explains some of her thought process here. When Bernadette dropped off some experimental decongestants (with some hilariously horrific documented side effects) from the lab, Amy revealed her ruse and Bernadette pointed out that “this is the sort of thing lunatics do.”

Or, you know, someone who is high on glue.

Sheldon eventually took a swab of Amy’s cheek and had it sent to the lab for analysis, revealing her lie for the possible psychological condition that it was. He determined that she needed to be punished. They both agreed to spanking, which Amy happily provided the '70s porno soundtrack for. If anyone needs to borrow some of my brain bleach, Target was running a sale this week and I’m willing to share. It’s delightfully twisted that Amy and Sheldon accidentally ended up with the kinkiest sex life out of all the couples, though. The more you know, right, Sheldon?

The Stray Observation Addendum

– One–liner of the night: “I put the ‘fun’ in funeral.” —Sheldon

– Stop whining, Howard. I learned how to gut fish when I was six. It’s not that gross. They don’t have cooties. Just possible parasites.

– Okay, Amy and Sheldon get one “aww.” JUST one: when he said he actually cared about her. All together now: awwwwwwww.

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