The Big Bang Theory "The Habitation Configuration" Review: What Do You Do With a Drunken Sheldon?

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The Big Bang Theory S06E07: “The Habitation Configuration”

Ah yes, that awkward moment when one of your guy friends insults your ladyfriend and she wants you to defend her honor.

Or not all that awkward, if you’re Sheldon Cooper and you fail to comprehend what you did wrong—assuming Sheldon did anything wrong.

Fine, for the sake of argument, he was wrong. But for the sake of fairness, Amy was wearing her bossy pants and didn’t know the first thing about being an acting coach/director anyway. Still, Sheldon made a mistake. Luckily, he eventually came to make things right through the magic of alcohol.

During a very special segment of Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags, Wil Wheaton guest-starred to “set phasers to fun” and explore the various flags seen in the Star Trek franchise. Amy was directing and went a little bit overboard in her coaching of “national treasure” Wil Wheaton. Wil got grumpy, as his smarmy The Big Bang Theory alternate persona is wont to do. Amy demanded that Sheldon make Wheaton leave. Sheldon refused. CONFLICT!

Meanwhile, over at Casa Wolowitz, Bernadette finally put her foot down and demanded that Howard move his stuff out of his mom’s house. After Penny put her two cents in, telling Bernadette that Howard will never leave his mother, Howard realized the issue was one of those pesky "big" ones that could potentially destroy his marriage. Bernadette felt strongly that she and Howard needed to have their own space. He finally agreed and enlisted Leonard and Raj to help him pack.

“The Habitation Configuration” ended up being an episode about concessions, because while Penny and Leonard are perpetually stuck in the awkward early-dating phase of their relationship, Sheldon/Amy and Howard/Bernadette are ready for the advanced classes. Their relationships are more evolved and their problems are more complicated. In both of their conflicts, it was hard to see a distinct right or wrong party.

Bernadette wanted Howard to move out of his mother’s house, but there was nothing inherently wrong with continuing to live there, especially once Howard revealed his reason for remaining so close and loyal to Momma Wolowitz—when his father left, he took it upon himself to fill the void and make sure she wasn’t lonely. Now, certainly that opens up a whole slew of co-dependency issues, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s overbearing, or that Howard’s (and Bernadette’s!) happiness shouldn’t be compromised to ensure Momma Bear stays happy, etc. However, it also adds a sweetness to Howard’s character that extends beyond his usual characterization of “sex-crazed momma’s boy.”

While Bernadette’s change of mind was a predictably convenient “out” for Howard in the whole cohabitation debacle, it was still a big moment of maturity for her, as she's often portrayed as a similarly demanding Momma Wolowitz-lite.

Sheldon and Amy’s conflict was more complicated, just by virtue of being a Sheldon and Amy conflict. Amy was being a nitpicking pain in the ass during the taping of Fun with Flags, but Wil Wheaton was totally rude and she had a right to be upset. Any other non-sucky boyfriend would have probably at least asked Wheaton to apologize, but since Sheldon is Sheldon, you can’t help but feel at least a teensy bit bad for him for being stuck in the middle; he sincerely had no idea how to respond to the situation.

To Sheldon's credit, once Leonard helped him figure out that Amy really was mad at him, he tried to make it better. However, the complete box series of Star Trek: The Next Generation was not the answer. Getting drunk and letting his Texas swagger—his barely there Texas swagger—hang out was the answer. Amy is very understanding of Sheldon’s quirks and she realizes that she isn’t dating a regular guy. But sometimes, she just wants him to be a regular guy.

After chugging a steady procession of Long Island Iced Teas during a pep-talk with Penny, Sheldon decided to confront Wil Wheaton about his slight against Sheldon’s “lady.” Then he puked in Wil's bushes. CONFLICT RESOLVED!

Sort of. During the next taping of Fun with Flags, Amy got bossy with guest LeVar Burton. What do you think Sheldon should get tanked on for his NEXT apology tour?

The Stray Observation Addendum

– One-liner of the night: “I can’t ask him to leave. He’s a minor celebrity. Many people recognize him once you explain who he is.” —Sheldon on Wil Wheaton.

– Exchange of the night: Amy: “He was overacting on purpose!” Sheldon: “Really? He reminded me of a young William Shatner.”

– I literally LOLed when Sheldon lost count of how many times he'd knocked on Wil Wheaton’s door.

– Oh Bernadette, lightsabers make excellent living room decorations... not that I would know anything about that.

– Okay, fine. We have a Mace Windu lightsaber on our mantle and aren’t the least bit ashamed of it.