The Big Bang Theory "The Monster Isolation" Review: Yay, a Story for Raj!

The Big Bang Theory S06E17: “The Monster Isolation”

Aww, you guys, Raj got a real story all to himself this week and it was sweet and it had Kate Micucci (Raising Hope, Scrubs) being, well, Kate Miucci—which was totally okay. “The Monster Isolation” picked up immediately following Raj’s grand speech and hasty departure from the comic shop’s lonely hearts V-Day party last week, catching up to him and his date at a coffeeshop where Raj was using his words and only slightly coming off as a total creep. It looked like a win-win for both Raj and his super-shy date... until she climbed through the restroom window and fled the scene. Cue the angst spiral, complete with determination to never leave his apartment again—and being perfectly capable of doing just that through the wonders of internet commerce.

To their credit, his friends came to the rescue and tried to talk him back into wearing pants and showering regularly, but the dude’s heart was broken, again, and this time after an experience that showed so much growth and promise. Sure, he ditched the comic shop gang as soon as a woman came along and stuttered out her interest, but the speech itself WAS thoughtful and touching and if Lucy hadn’t showed up, I think Raj would have embraced his words and ended the night on a positive.

I’m delighted to report, though, that Raj still got something close to a happy ending, for now. Given how sparingly Margo Harshman appears as Alex, it’s hard to say how much of Micucci’s Lucy we’ll see on a regular basis. After apologizing for ditching Raj and explaining that it wasn’t a reflection of how she felt about him, but rather a desperate way to cope with her anxiety issues, Lucy agreed to go on at least on more real date with Raj. I really like Lucy, and honestly, Raj as the creepy, socially inept, hypocritical single nerd was getting a little old. This has been a great season on The Big Bang Theory for advancing the love lives of its core characters and it’s only right that Raj gets his turn. Given what a genuinely good fit Lucy appears to be with her own social baggage and her determination to overcome her anxious tendencies, it appears that the writers have finally decided to approach Raj’s love life seriously and I am so ready.

Meanwhile on Fun with Flags, Sheldon inched ever closer toward “normal” when Penny used her guest spot on Sheldon’s web series to help Sheldon be more “open” and “natural” with his body language. Penny is no stranger to trying to help Sheldon, but Sheldon hasn’t always embraced her direction so easily, and even though he ended up overdoing it with the open body language (I thought things were going to get weird for a second there), his effort was real, as was his sincerity when he thanked Penny for her insight. Amy had to force him to act and say “thank you,” but the gratefulness wasn’t something that Sheldon had to fake. It may have taken six seasons, but The Big Bang Theory is finally allowing its two most openly oddball characters to evolve and as a result, the most recent stretch of episodes have been legitimately entertaining AND enlightening in a way we haven’t seen in awhile. I’m starting to care about these characters again and it’s a really great feeling.

What did you think of “The Monster Isolation”?

The Stray Observation Addendum

– One-liner of the night: “Spread your legs. Invite them in.” —Sheldon

– Amy and her chain-smoking animal friends were hilarious, “MOMMY’S ON THE PHONE!”

– LOL at Sheldon’s patdown before Penny’s play. I was disappointed by the lack of an old-school brick Game Boy, though the Etch-a-Sketch was a nice touch.