The Big Bang Theory: When All Else Fails... Make a Scene

The Big Bang Theory S05E19: "The Weekend Vortex"

In yet another example of Sheldon Cooper being a sucky boyfriend and Amy Farrah-Fowler just accepting it because she’s too awkward to find anyone better, Sheldon ditched Amy at her aunt’s 93rd birthday to play Star Wars video games with the guys all weekend.

Yeah, I know.

So much of The Big Bang Theory’s humor depends on Sheldon’s social deficiencies, neuroses, and general weirdness, and quite often, it works well. But sometimes, Sheldon’s characterization ends up sliding down the slope from quirky to unlikeable. This was one of those times.

Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is based on their mutual weirdness, and that’s fine. Wonderful relationships can come to fruition from a plethora of randomness. My boyfriend, code-named Boyfriend, came to his position because he decided to hit on me in the break room at our demeaning summer job, stroking my ego and pointing out that while there were many cute girls in the break room that afternoon, I was the cutest because I was reading Slaughterhouse Five instead of Cosmo. I thought he was weird, but cute, and five years later, we’re still kicking. Do you know why we’re still kicking? Sure, he’s still weird but cute and I’m still too self-righteous to touch a fashion magazine, but five years is a long time to hinge on superficial personality traits. It works because we work at it and the moral of this digression is that Amy works at her relationship with Sheldon, but Sheldon does not.

This week, Amy Farrah-Fowler got sick of it and it was about time.

After Sheldon’s latest dick move, Amy turned to Penny to lament her tragic plight. In typical Penny fashion, she encouraged Amy to be proactive, take matters into her own hands, and under no circumstances, let Sheldon win. She also tried to teach Amy a drinking game, but as a result of a childhood spent flicking coins into fountains while wishing for friends, Amy is a coin-flicking champ... and Penny got completely hammered. In her inebriated state, she encouraged Amy to cause a scene (because Sheldon actually enjoys it when she gives him the silent treatment), proudly declaring “Back in Omaha, there are two different restaurants that I’m not allowed in!” It’s okay, Penny. Back in Pennsylvania, there’s one bar I’m only allowed to go in, and that's only if I have a responsible adult with me and we promise not to order anything that the bartender has to set on fire.

Amy crashed the video game party with guns blazing, but promptly accepted Sheldon’s Cooper Coupons because one of them was good for a trip to the science center. Amy left Sheldon to the menfolk when Penny offered to let Amy hold her hair back while she barfed up all the beer.

Okay, so everything was hunky-dory by the time the credits rolled. That’s fine. I’m willing to take quick fixes because that’s the way sitcoms work. It was just nice to see the fierce and wonderful PhD-wielding Amy Farrah-Fowler stick up for herself for once.

Highlights from a Galaxy Somewhere in California:

– Sheldon’s attempts to buy a birthday present for Amy’s 93-year-old aunt included a trip to the comic-book store. Hey, I thought the Excalibur + tennis ball = badass cane was a great idea.

– Leonard’s reference to Leonard/Penny 2.0 as a “relationship beta test” made me shoot cranberry juice out of my nose. It really burned, but I actually find Leonard and Penny’s second relationship attempt way less irritating than the first. Leonard is less pathetic and Penny is less clueless and it’s an overall win.

– “In Grand Theft Auto, we pay the prostitutes promptly and never hit them with bats.” You’re a better man than me, Leonard.

– “I’ll be the guy who got a girlfriend AFTER Sheldon Cooper.” I feel your pain, Raj. If it makes you feel any better, I’d take you over Sheldon, even before we found out you were loaded back in the beginning of the season.

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