The Big C: And the Award for Most Awful Human Being Goes To…

The Big C S03E07: “How Bazaar”

I was really happy to see that Baby Daddy Dave was slightly disturbed by Cathy’s destruction of the wall from last week. I mean, somebody other than Adam needed to be freaked out, since Cathy’s shown us lots of times this season how little she cares about Adam’s opinion. He brought over some plywood to patch the hole until the new window arrived. Cathy showered him with money because he was her new favorite person in the world, mostly because he was giving her his hellspawn.

Or so she thought.

As much as I've disliked Cathy and her actions this season, I still felt pretty bad for her when she realized that Dave and Maxine were playing her. I mean, who DOES that? Awful people. Congrats, Cathy, you and your terrible little family might just have been displaced from your reign of awfulness.

So, what were the Jamesons (and Sean) up to this week?

Joy offered Paul a place on her speaking tour in Puerto Rico. She also offered to help him find endorsements so that he could afford a lake house just like hers. She ALSO asked him to be her fuck buddy—her words, not mine. Ababu saw her move and called her on it, warned her not to mess with Cathy. Paul beat off to an instructional video Joy made for a food processor because he’s classy like that.

Adam donated his old baseball cards to the church for their fundraising bazaar. When Jess accused him of picking something easy to part with (SHE was giving away her iPad because she was just that saintly), he broke into the Storage Shed of Sadness from Season 1 and liberated that sweet red Mustang Cathy had socked away for his 28th birthday.

Understandably, when Cathy showed up at the bazaar to “donate her way back” into Adam’s heart, she was so not down with his donation. The jolly leader of Adam’s youth group tried to guilt her into letting the church keep the car, arguing that the car was a gift, so technically it belonged to Adam, and Cathy was just pissed that Adam wasn’t using the gift the way Cathy intended. All of this was, of course, entirely true. However, he went on to call Adam’s action a glowing example of generosity. Not true. Adam just wanted to butt-bang Jess some more.

Cathy went to the bar to sulk and drink and ignore her husband’s phone calls like an adult. After the hot bartender took her shooting, she went back to the bazaar and stole the Mustang, intending to give it to Dave and Maxine and just reaffirming the fact that she doesn’t give two thoughts about the kid she already has. Adam has repeatedly accused Cathy of not caring about him and replacing him with the shiny new baby who will dutifully obey her for at least the next thirteen years, at which time I’m certain she will try to trade the tween in for a new model. Cathy can protest all she wants, argue with him until she’s blue in the face, but as the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words,” not the other way around.

Outside the terrible trifecta of Cathy, Paul and Adam, Sean formed a trio of his own by dating the married couple Tim and Giselle—or, as he informed Cathy he likes to call them, “Gism.” It’s pretty bad when the pervy polyamorous uncle is the most likeable character. I mean, the “six-legged octopus of love and camaraderie” was made of consenting adults. They knew what they were doing (mostly) and their actions have the potential to hurt no one but themselves.

Still, Dave and Maxine win the Awful Person Award this week because again, who DOES that? Who does that to ANYONE, let alone the CANCER lady?

So I guess the baby isn’t happening. How do you think the rest of this season will play out?

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I LOVED when Cathy got into the car and run over the tent!! I found myself clapping at the TV. Take that yo religious pricks!!
This show is awesome and I like all of the characters. If there's someone I don't like it's Adam. He's so annoying and rude. He should be nice to his mom. I wish my mom was like that. We should switch!
All I know is moments ago I finished Season 2 and I absolutely adore this show. It's fantastic! Am not actually reading this as I don't want it spoiled for me but I will be starting Season 3 hopefully tomorrow. Please, please let it get a fourth season. I hate to think of it ending.

Adam's probably the worst one, is it wrong that I wish he was the sick one a little so they could kill him off? I don't understand why he's so angry now. and I like Susan Surandon but I hate her character. and the fake pregnancy people storyline is pretty annoying as well. it's like a non-comedy version of the movie Baby Mama, but she's not actually pregnant in the end. and the "church" people are probably a cult, no preacher would cuss like that. and the bar scenes are just as bad as Private Practice's therapist opening/closing scenes. overall season 3 has been the worst for me so far. season 1 was great and 2 was meh.
All this hatin' on the characters makes me sad. Yeah, they're f-d up. But I think everyone is. This show has always done a great job of showing negative sides to its characters, from Lee's coldness to Rebecca's self-absorption. There are so many people I've met who after going through what the characters on this show have gone through would act this way exactly. It just seems odd to me that critically acclaimed shows like Six Feet Under for example have characters who are not only self-destructive but sometimes, it seems, illogically so, where at least these characters have a BIG stressor weighing down on their lives that influences them to run around like decapitated hens.

Anyway. Rant over. I'm starting to think I'm the only person on earth who thinks this season is even better than the last one.

My theory is that Joy will die somehow. (Isn't that what they always do with their guest stars?) As to how, I don't know. Marlene and Lee certainly had plenty of foreshadowing. I wonder if there's some sort of negative effect on health from drinking that much kale...? Anyway, if I were in Cathy's situation and I found out, I would jump on stage during one of Joy's talks and tell the audience what Joy proposed to Paul. Looking ahead we can already see the finale takes place in Puerto Rico. The final episode is titled "Fly Away," mirroring this season's theme. Season one began and ended with a pool ("Taking the Plunge), season two with running ("Crossing the Line"). This one began with Cathy's chat in a bar about being a flight attendant. And while chances of getting another season seem grim, I predict Cathy's cancer will rapidly catch up with her and the next season would be the final one.

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