The Big C: Baby Mama Drama

The Big C S03E04: “Family Matters”

Cathy was quick to jump into the baby-making part of her quest for newfound mommy-dom this week in what appeared to be quite possibly the least enjoyable sex ever. She and Paul ultimately decided to adopt a child—which, given their mutual current health woes, proved to be a formidable challenge.

Across the street, Sean fared far better with his flourishing Willy Wanker sex line...until the former owner of the line—the original Willy Wanker—showed up, demanding that Sean return it. Willy had lost it due to his inability to pay the phone bill and was astounded to discover that not only was Sean making enough money to pay the bill, he was also turning quite an impressive profit, raking in twice as many callers as Willy ever had.

Of course, he still totally wanted the line back. Victor Garber guest-starred as Willy and since I’m fresh off of a Titanic 3D viewing, it was delightfully mind-blowing to see proper gentleman Thomas Andrews competing in a porn-off with Sean over the rights to the phone line. He was no match for Sean and conceded defeat fairly early in the competition, formally giving Sean his blessing to continue operating under the Willy Wanker pseudonym. He'd always been ashamed to tell his mother what he did for a living, but since Sean had no shame, he showed a true artistry with regard the sex line. Good job, Sean. We all have to be good at something, right?

Anyway, it seemed that everybody on the show was getting it on in some fashion this week. Adam went on a date with Jess from his Bible study and like a good Girl for God, she stopped his advances before they went too far, offering to let him use the back door instead. Oh dear.

But of course, the crux of “Family Matters” rested in Paul and Cathy’s efforts to have another baby. With the sex not working out so well, they checked out their adoption options, which turned out to be non-existent due to Paul’s heart problems and Cathy’s cancer. Cathy learned that if her doctor wrote a letter attesting to her good health, adoption would be placed on the table once again, but her doctor refused to write such a letter because, well, Cathy HAS CANCER. Yes, she's responded well to treatment, but she isn’t in remission. She may no longer be considered absolutely terminal, but she isn’t cured.

Cathy considered forging a letter, even asking for Paul’s opinion of her ability to reproduce the doctor’s signature. For once, Paul seemed to actually use his brain, shooting that idea down real fast. Cathy argued that it could take years to get clearance through the proper channels, implying that those are years that neither of them have.

Which, of course, was the adoption agency’s whole point. I want to like Cathy. I really do. In earlier seasons of The Big C, she was totally my homegirl, but I've found it harder and harder to sympathize with her as of late, on this point in particular. I understand that she wants another child, but the fact of the matter is that she is very sick and her husband is very sick. Just a few weeks ago she asked Sean to be Adam’s formal guardian in the event that both of them passed away before Adam reached adulthood. She’s well aware of the strain that she and Paul’s conditions are putting on Adam and I just don’t understand why she would want to put another child through that solely to fulfill her own wants. It comes off as uncharacteristically selfish.

But she forged ahead. She and Paul attended another Joy Kleinman event where the guru encouraged Cathy, “If you really want something, you demand it.” It’s a really great message, but I’m not sure that it’s appropriate to Cathy’s situation. There is a very valid reason why the adoption agency denied her.

Paul was invited up on the stage to share his story and trump up publicity for his blog. His speech was eloquent and lovely, encouraging the audience to find the Light in their lives, rather than puttering around blindly until something catastrophic happened, like his own near-death experience. It certainly won him some fans and Joy invited him to speak at another event.

Realizing that Paul’s blog was rapidly becoming a popular stop on the information highway, Cathy posted an entry describing their struggle to adopt, and sure enough, someone took the bait and shot them an email, offering to discuss the possibility of adopting their own child.

Am I the only one who thinks this is probably a REALLY bad idea?

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