The Blue Power Ranger Is Gay

... Actor David Yost, known for playing the Blue Power Ranger on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, has announced to the public that he is gay. He says he was called gay slurs by producers, actors, and writers on the popular kids' show, which is odd because it really isn't the most masculine show. They were all in tights and doing glorified choreographed dance moves, for Pete's sake. [Just Jared]

... WHAT!? You've never seen Lost? What kind of loser are you? It's only the most talked about show in the entire universe! If you didn't watch Lost, you can just get the heck out of my face you big jerk. Wait, what's that? Matthew Fox never watched Lost? Oh. Never mind. [Newsweek]

... Josh Schwartz is looking at going from The OC to The D.C.. The producer is developing a project about 20-somethings in the nation's capital who work in various government agencies. They'll come to find out that their hopes and dreams don't exactly mesh with the back-stabbing greedy nature of Washington's scumbags. Haven't they been trying to make this show for years now? [Variety]

... Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova has found its female lead. Allison Miller (Kings) will play the wife in a family that gets transported back to prehistoric times to give humankind another shot at not screwing up the Earth. This will be her breakout role... you heard it here first! [Deadline Hollywood]

... American Idol producers have promised that the Auto-Tune scandal rocking the U.K. is definitely, positively not happening here in the U.S. However, they have admitted that they often have Ryan Seacrest stand on several telephone books while filming. [PB Pulse]

... TLC has announced that the next season of Little People, Big World will be the docu-drama's last. The program, about the diminutive Roloff clan, has led the network's little people programming since 2006. You will be missed, you adorable little guys. [TLC via press release]

... How I Met Your Mother sure loves it some stunt-casting. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger will guest star next season as Robin Sparkles' best friend, Jessica Glitter. Ted Moseby will continue to be television's most boring character. [EW]

... Stunt-casting leader Chuck has hired James Bond player Timothy Dalton to join its spy show. Dalton will play a mysterious stranger with ties to Chuck's mom (the equally stunty Linda Hamilton). [NBC via press release]

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