The Boardwalk Empire Wait Begins

With so much hype surrounding Prohbition drama Boardwalk Empire, you'd think British broadcasters would be itching to air it first. Unfortunately, despite having the rights to all HBO series, Sky haven't got round to scheduling the Martin Scorsese show yet--and it airs in the US this Sunday. What's with the hold up?

Well, we spoke to Sky to discover just that, and they refused point-blank to tell us when it would be airing, or give any hint as to when news might emerge.

It was discussed in the podcast this week that perhaps the broadcaster couldn't air the Steve Buscemi-fronted series because of time restrictions within the HBO deal. Sky have denied this, however, claiming they can launch the shows when they're ready. Treme, Entourage and Bored to Death are also waiting on a Sky premiere date.

While you wait for Boardwalk Empire to hit our shores (however long that may take), here's a trailer to pass the time. And if that's not enough there's always more video interviews, clips and trailers on the show page.

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