The Cast of Glee Is Banned from Having Sex With Each Other On-Set

... The cast of Glee is famous, hot, and oh-so-horny. Show creator Ryan Murphy has asked that his actors use their mouths and bodies for singing and dancing, and not... well, other carnal things. His one rule: Don't have sex in the on-set trailers! It's a rule he says has been broken on many occasions. I knew Artie was a total mack. [The Sun]

... The Big Bang Theory is one of TV's hottest properties, and no one is about to be happier about it than its cast. The actors' contracts are up this summer, which means it's time to renegotiate their salaries. And with all the money pouring into CBS because of the high-rated sitcom, the timing couldn't be better. As they say on the streets, "they'z aboot to git payeded!" And by streets, I mean the streets of Canada. [Deadline Hollywood]

... MTV's last edition of The Real World really tapped into the changing political climate of the country and set up shop in the epicenter of Obama-mania—Washington D.C. It was supposed to be a more socially conscious edition of the show, and the results were boooooooring. But, it seems MTV has learned from its mistakes and finally understands that young people's fascination with politics ended shortly after Obama took office and they went back to being their normal, stupid selves. So the next Real World will be set in New Orleans. Jell-O shots! [Washington Post]

... Fox's Terra Nova has to be the most exciting new network project in the works right now. We're talking man meets dinosaurs, people! And the production staff keeps getting better and better. Executive producer Steven Spielberg has tapped 24's Jon Cassar as executive producer and director. Cassar joins Brandon Braga and David Fury, both of whom were also producers on 24. Previously announced as the show's lead was the handsome Jason O'Mara. Did I say "handsome?" I meant "good actor." *swigs beer and does other macho stuff* [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cynthia Nixon is going from the big city to The Big C. The former Sex and the City star (she played Miranda OMG!) has been cast in Showtime's forthcoming dark comedy as a friend to lead Laura Linney. I approve of this casting. [Deadline Hollywood]

... HBO is shopping True Blood reruns to basic cable, as it wants to milk the show for all the cash it can. No one has bought the program yet, which is probably because once the sex and gore is edited out to make it appropriate for basic cable, each episode will only be three minutes long. [Broadcasting & Cable]

... Jersey Shore's The Situation is prepping the launch of his clothing line, which is set to debut next month. The self-described collection is a "couture line of high-quality wearable art." This news comes not too long after castmate JWoww released her own line of dental floss. I mean clothes. I hear The Situation's clothing line comes with boot-cut pant legs, poppable collars, and genital crabs. For authenticity. [NY Post]

... Weeds is bringing back two past guest stars for its sixth season. Both Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alanis Morisette will reprise their roles for a few episodes. Leigh will return for one episode as Nancy's sister, and Morissette comes back as Nancy's pediatrician. The new season of Weeds premieres August 16. [EW]

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