The Curb Your Enthusiasm Feud (and Food!) Tracker, Week 6: Shoelaces, Ricky Gervais, and Hard Loafs

Finally—Curb Your Enthusiasm has made it to New York City. And just like Glee's trip to the Big Apple, Curb's began with a rousing musical number, in which Larry led a chorus of hundreds in a flash mob performance of “Some People” from Gypsy smack dab in the center of Times Square. Just kidding! The episode took place almost entirely inside restaurants and at dinner parties (with a brief foray to a Broadway theater). I absolute loved that—so it’s New York, big whoop, let’s eat. Here’s a rundown of this week’s best fights and feasts:

1. Woman in Coach
Causes: Larry tried to use the bathroom in the coach cabin, even though he was a first class passenger. That started a fight with a coach passenger, who felt the “no class-crossing” rule goes both ways. “I’m coachy!” Larry insisted, but things quickly escalated.
Resolution: None. Larry used the coach bathroom anyway.

2. Waiter
Causes: A waiter with a habit of eavesdropping and popping up at sensitive moments offered to send a bottle of wine to Ricky Gervais, who was dining at a nearby table. He lingered at Gervais’s table, leaving Larry and Jeff’s food sitting—so they retrieved it themselves, breaking a cardinal restaurant rule. Meanwhile, the bottle of wine Gervais chose ended up costing $300. The waiter later got revenge on Larry by tattling to Gervais—but Larry cast the last stone by retrieving his own food again.
Resolution: None. Larry fetching his own food twice at the same restaurant is nothing short of a declaration of war on the serving class.

3. Ricky Gervais
Causes: The Office creator and Golden Globes assassin never thanked Larry for the $300 bottle of wine he chose for himself. Later, at Susie's dinner party, the two shared a prickly conversation (Larry called Ricky’s white scarf “affected,” Ricky called Seinfeld “broad comedy.”) He then offered to leave Larry a ticket for his show at the box office—which he did, but Larry had to pay $200 for it. During a confrontation at the restaurant, Ricky said the waiter told him it was Jeff, Larry, and Susie who'd interrupted his performance with chattering, and there’s no way he’d let Jeff be his manager. Larry later discovered Ricky on a date with Donna—but Larry saved the pair from a subway mugging with his hard Italian loaf, becoming a true hero.
Resolutions: Some—Larry did save Gervais from a crazed mugger, after all.

4. British Actress
Causes: Ricky’s Broadway co-star confronted Larry in the theater stairway, telling him to keep out of her marriage: She was referring to Larry’s attempt to “raise small talk to medium talk” when he was forced to sit next to her Spaniard-fearing husband at Susie’s dinner party.
Resolutions: None.

5. Susie
Causes: Larry brought a loaf of hard Italian bread to Susie’s dinner party, which she insulted as being inappropriate: “Don’t impose your desires on my whole cuisine.” She then seated couples separately, splitting up Larry and Donna (Samantha Mathis)—the date he met on the plane, who thought he'd heroically tackled a belligerent passenger. (He had actually tripped on his shoelaces.) Donna then hit it off with Ricky at the “cool kids” table. During the confrontation, Susie let it slip that Larry'd tripped over his shoelaces on the plane, and wasn’t actually a hero—turning Donna off. Later, at Ricky’s Broadway play, Susie refused to give up the aisle seat, then bickered with Jeff throughout the entire, three-hour performance. (Special mention to Susie’s hideous, orange fanny pack.)
Resolution: As Susie put it to Larry, “You’re like an appendage to us.” There seems to be nothing that can drive a wedge between these two, since a chasm separates them already and the wedge would just tumble into its dark, bottomless void. (That said, I think Susie respects Larry for standing up to her. She didn’t even respond to him calling her a “witch” this week.)


Pinkberry: In a nod to last week’s episode, Larry ate the frozen yogurt on his flight to NYC.

Salad: Jeff and Larry’s food sat in the kitchen as their waiter chatted with Ricky Gervais, so Larry retrieved it himself.

Hard Italian bread: A faux-pas gift at Susie’s dinner party became a useful weapon later in the episode.

Bison burger: Larry’s second lunch at the restaurant where he first saw Ricky Gervais.

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Aug 17, 2011
I can't wait for Leon to work his way into the story next week! He has to be the best supporting character on the show!
Aug 17, 2011
Only two comments. Sorry Seth, I guess there's not much love for Curb, what a shame.
Aug 16, 2011
Great ep - season is finally feeling right.
Aug 16, 2011
When Larry said he was going to bring bread to the dinner party instead of wine, I thought for a second he might purchase a marble rye. Also, did anybody else notice the parallels between the after-performance dressing room talk with Ricky Gervais and the Seinfeld episode "The Pez Dispenser", where George, Jerry and Elaine have a very similar discussion with George's girlfriend after her piano recital. In memory of that hilarious episode written by Larry David, and for all the nostalgic Seinfeld fans out there like me, here's a classic excerpt. NOEL: I ... am breaking up ... with you! GEORGE: You can't break up with me. I've got hand. NOEL: And you're going to need it.
Aug 17, 2011
Yeah, I noticed all those Seinfeld references, but if someone is entitled to rip-off is Larry! lol

I was hoping for little homages now that hes in NY so Im more than glad :)

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