The Curb Your Enthusiasm Feud Tracker, Week 7: Bisexuals, Bows, and Blue Pills

It’s time again to track the disputes of Larry David, who’s now firmly entrenched in the East Coast lifestyle. Art galleries! Views of Central Park in Renny Harlin’s apartment! Softball games! It’s everything Frank Sinatra used to sing about.

Rosie O’Donnell
Causes: The central conflict of “The Bi-Sexual” revolves around a battle of the sexes (and sexual orientations) between Larry and Rosie O’Donnell, both of whom are wooing the same woman: Jane Cohen, a woman who gave both of them her number at an art opening. Larry is concerned that O’Donnell has the “lesbian advantage” -- in softball and matters of love -- but Leon (who drove Larry’s Prius across the country) sneaks him a Viagra. It’s just the “juicing” he needs to put him in the lead. Unfortunately, a pill pops out of his pocket as he bows to Jane, and the jig is up.

Resolution: Unresolved. Presumably, things will return to normal for the two once Jane is out of the picture. They have a nice rapport.

Sushi Restaurant Manager
Causes: Larry’s takeout dinner from a Japanese restaurant wasn’t properly secured, spilling miso soup on the order he brought for his date with Jane. He returns to complain to the restaurant manager, but the offer of a replacement meal isn’t what Larry is looking for: He wants an apology. The manager gives him a slight bow and says he’s sorry -- what Larry later finds out is a “sh*t bow,” which in fact is less of an apology than being offered no apology at all.

Resolution: Larry confronts him a second time about the “sh*t bow.” After unsuccessfully trying to convince Larry to try other restaurants, the manager gives him a full bow. Still, Larry pledges to research Japanese apology bows online, promising more conflict to come.

Food Tracker:

Sushi Takeout: The poorly secured order that leads to the episode’s ongoing discussion of sh*t bows.

Hospital food: Larry is forced, against his will, to have lunch with Duckstein -- a guy who repeatedly asks him to lunch but who Larry simply doesn’t want to spend time with. After Duckstein chokes on a sandwich in the park, Larry visits him in the hospital, and they eat terrible food together.

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Aug 23, 2011
Note to self. Start watching Curb ASAP.
Aug 23, 2011
very cool.
Aug 23, 2011