The Curb Your Enthusiasm Feud Tracker, Week 8: Wanda Sykes, Taxi Upstreaming, and The People's Court

Another Monday means another trip to Larry David Land. Join us in dutifully chronicling every Curb Your Enthusiasm conflict, as Larry fumbles through yet another remake of The Fugitive, battles old nemesis Wanda Sykes over a personal trainer, and navigates Manhattan traffic with a car periscope.

Taxi Upstreamer
Causes: Towards the beginning of the episode, Larry finds himself a party to one of the most common NYC feuds: fighting over one available cab. He accuses a woman who moved up the block to get into one of “upstreaming” him. She doesn’t deny it.

Resolution: None.

Causes: A friend of Larry’s accuses him of having taken advantage of his father–a senile former People’s Court-type judge–in a game of Scrabble. But the real cheater was a “one-armed man” who left the room shortly after Larry arrived. Henry doesn’t believe him.

Resolution: Larry fakes being romantically attached to Gabby, the homely wife of a “car periscope” inventor (played by Aida Turturro of The Sopranos), in order to fool Henry into thinking he’s a man of substance. It works–Henry apologizes. But then the feud reignites when Larry, in a sling after Gabby beats him up at a movie theater (more on that later), is mistakenly ID’d as the one-armed man by Henry’s father at the end of the episode.

Causes: Eating dim sum with Larry as they discuss closing the deal over investment in her husband’s car periscope invention, Larry is struck by what a glutton Gabby is. Later, at a movie with them, he refuses to let her hold his popcorn as he goes to the bathroom, because he thinks she’ll eat it the way she ate his dim sum. This leads to the inventor returning Larry’s investment check, Larry making an insinuation that she wasn’t attractive, and Gabby beating Larry up.

Resolution: Larry winds up in a sling. So–possible lawsuit?

The One-Armed Man
Causes: Larry finally catches up with the one-armed man on a New York street. The one-armed man refuses to reveal what he was doing playing Scrabble with the judge, and the two get into an argument (cab upstreaming rears its ugly head once more). Miraculously, the judge emerges at that precise moment, getting knocked down in the Larry-O.A.M. skirmish just in time for Henry to emerge and mistakenly think Larry was responsible. Got all that?

Resolution: None. One-armed man slips away into broad daylight, never to be heard from again.

Food Tracker:

Dim Sum: Gabby devours the leftover dumplings, as Larry mentions he wanted to bring them home.

Popcorn: After Gabby takes a huge handful and shoves it in her mouth, Larry realizes leaving the tub with her has he goes to the bathroom could result in Gabby eating all of his popcorn.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas i really appreciate it! Excellent article, I will keep this in mind. More information from Leoch International
i loved the scenes of larray and jeff on the car with periscope invention.... Curb Your Enthusiasm it so damn funny... pure comedy... larry david and Jeff Garlin are fucking hilarious they are the modern Laurel & Hardy...
This has been one of, if not the best Curb season yet. The previous episode with Larry and Rosie battling for a bisexual's affections, and the "shit-bow", was Curb at its very best. So forgive me if I found this episode to somewhat of a let down. There were a few chuckles sprinkled throughout the episode, but it just was not up to par with the overall quality of this season. The solution - More Leon!
I agree! Not a funny one...Made no sense at times. (The movie theater scene.) When the show's clicking, it's great, and when it misses, it can feel like a bad children's theater troupe.
I always admire how the show manages to tie the different and completely unrelated plot lines in an episode into one awkward final scene.

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