The CW Cancels 90210

The CW sent out a message to its shows today, and that message is this: If you don't have vampires, demon-hunting studs, ab-strong superheroes, witches, warlocks, dog witches, supernatural elements, science fiction, or musical chairs, GET OUT! 90210, a basic high-school/college drama with no monster-creatures or aliens, has been canceled.

The show, a remake of the popular '90s sideburns drama Beverly Hills 90210, will end its run on its own terms and wrap things up for good on May 13. The series lasted probably a few seasons longer than it should have given its mediocre ratings and social buzz by CW standards, and the five full seasons it did get were probably a gift from The CW's lack of other options rather than a reward based on merit. Where will athletes with terrible acting skills make their TV debuts now? 

With Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural leading the way, The CW is leaning heavily toward genre programming. Six of the eight pilots The CW has in development right now can be placed in the science-fiction of fantasy category, and it looks like Hart of Dixie (and genre show Cult) might follow Emily Owens, MD and Gossip Girl out the door to make room for more genre shows. Honestly, that's probably a good idea for the network. Let ABC Family handle the high-school drama and stick to beefcakes and hotties battling beefcake supervillains and hottie werevampires.

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