The CW's Arrow: Get Your First Look at The Green Arrow's New Costume (PHOTO)

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The Green Arrow doesn't have the same pop-cred as Batman, and I think it may have something to do with his outfit as created by The CW's Smallville. I know that Justin Hartley has awesome surfer-bro blonde tips, but The Green Arrow needs his Peter Pan hat and rugged gear to look more like he was envisioned in the comics and less like an ad for Oakley sunglasses.

Since Smallville ended its decade-long run last year, The CW is searching for another superhero to fill the resulting super-void, and has settled on The Green Arrow. Arrow, a pilot in the works at The CW, stars Stephen Amell (not Hartley) as the crime-fighting billionaire, and with the show comes a nifty new suit that's a big improvement over the sexy Halloween costume Hartley wore on Smallville.

First, here's a picture of the old Green Arrow from Smallville:

And now here's the new Green Arrow, all leathered out and looking decidedly more fierce:

It's always a good idea for a superhero's costume to inspire fear rather than the question, "Hey where did you buy that outfit? My nephew would look so cute in it!" What do you think of the new duds versus the old duds?

Arrow is in contention to join The CW's lineup for the fall.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Your New Green Arrow

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