The Daily Show vs. Fox News: Why Won’t Fox Fight Back?

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During this whole “Ground Zero mosque” scandal, it’s not surprising that The Daily Show is by far the most insightful media commenter—that’s not new information. It’s also not surprising that The Daily Show, in the wake of Fox News going bat-shit crazy, has shifted its content to almost daily takedowns of what Rupert Murdoch’s “news” organization is up to. Because Fox News is, in fact, bat-shit crazy.

But the other night, The Daily Show presented a segment that blew me away. Fox News hasn’t let up on the proposed mosque’s financiers and their questionable ties. But when The Daily Show discovered that not only are those financiers the same ones behind Fox News itself, Fox News didn’t even report on the matter at hand. Here’s the brilliance:

In the face of all this information, you’d think the folks at Fox News would want to defend themselves against Stewart’s segment. After all, they’ve taken pot shots at the man before over far less important things. And though the attacks have been mostly about, well, pot—and the amount Bill O’Reilly perceives Stewart’s fan base to smoke—at least they've spoken up. And this mosque business is some pretty serious stuff The Daily Show is bringing up.

So why the radio silence? There are four possible scenarios I can figure out:

1) Fox News doesn’t consider The Daily Show to be a legitimate source of anything. After all, Stewart and all his correspondents have repeatedly said they’re not journalists and that it’s simply a comedy show. BUT… Why would Fox acknowledge the show at all, then? It’s been brought up before.

2) Jon Stewart was exactly right. Fox News didn’t reveal the financiers because they deliberately wanted to peddle a guttural narrative to lure people down a rabbit hole of misinformation and fear-mongering. BUT… The radio silence is deafening. It's sad that not more people will see that Daily Show clip. I mean, it’s almost at a million hits, but that’s super small potatoes.

3) Fox News doesn’t want to get into a tete-a-tete with The Daily Show because they’re going to get smacked down. BUT… This little ol’ comedy show has Fox News scared? Geez, whatever happened to media outlets making sure their facts are air-tight? If things were in order, then they’d have nothing to fear.

4) Fox News was the comedy show all along. BUT… I’m still going to punch a wall.

What do you think?

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