The Donald Will Keep on Firin' and Hirin'

... Donald Trump is the new Jay Leno. And by that, I mean he's NBC's new/old Golden Boy: The network has decided to bring back the original version of The Apprentice, where unemployed contestants compete for a job with Mr. Combover himself. The Celebrity Apprentice will most likely get renewed too, which means that we'll be seeing a lot of that combover in the seasons ahead. [Live Feed]

... 24 showrunner Howard Gordon has decided on his next move: He'll collaborate with Gideon Raff and fellow 24 teammate Alex Gansa on an American re-boot of the Israeli show Prisoners of War, which sounds badass. But does the news confirm recent rumors that Jack Bauer's retirement clock is ticking? Not necessarily. Gideon told The Hollywood Reporter that even though he likely wouldn't continue his role as showrunner, "If there is 24 past Season 8, I will be part of that," and that Kiefer Sutherland "is inclined to do another season if there is a good story." [THR]

... The awesome and hilarious Will Arnett has again knocked up his awesome and hilarious wife Amy Poehler, which means they will have another awesome and hilarious kid. But baby #2 will affect production of Parks and Recreation, as Leslie Knope won't be getting pregnant anytime soon. So the cast and crew will have to start shooting Season 3 as soon as they finish Season 2. I'm confident they can handle it cause they're all champs, but really I can't wait to find out what Poehler and Arnett name the little one; it's hard to top "Archie Arnett." [THR]

... My head might explode from cute overload. Glee's Jayma Mays has been cast as the female (human) lead in the Smurfs movie, which means she'll play Neil Patrick Harris' wife. And Hank Azaria, Simpsons voice-over and "Monty Python's Spamalot" extraordinaire, will voice Gargamel. A bad guy can be cute, too, right? [THR]

... Google, Intel, and Sony are joining forces to rule the universe create Google TV, a platform that will bring the internet into television's territory—literally—by invading your living room. They'll invent new and sexy TVs and set-top boxes, they'll make it easy to update Twitter and Facebook with your remote, and they'll probably throw an espresso machine and a back massager in there, too. Remember WebTV? Ah, those were the days. [New York Times]

... Robert Wisdom, better known as the guy who's been on The Wire (as Bunny), Prison Break (as Lechero), and Supernatural (as Uriel), is heading to Burn Notice next season to play another evil dude! This time it's Vaughn, a longtime spy handler who works for the agency that burned Michael (Jeffrey Donovan). I predict many serious stare-downs between Michael and Vaughn. The sunglasses are off. [Ausiello]

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