The End of the Post-Seinfeld Slump?

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The 11-year post-Seinfeld slump that has plagued the careers of the show's main stars may finally be coming to an end. Since Seinfeld, the gang has had bad luck in the entertainment business, thanks to canceled shows and unsuccessful efforts to break out of their Seinfeld characters. Today, however, the Seinfeld foursome (and not just Julia Louis-Dreyfus this time) are all working on interesting projects, in TV and film. Dare we say it? Is the curse broken?

Jerry Seinfeld (as himself)

Jerry Seinfeld had it hardest. After all, he played himself, and that's a hard typecast to beat. Apart from two voice parts -- an episode of Dilbert and the Bee Movie -- and a guest spot on 30 Rock, Seinfeld has been absent from TV for the last 11 years. But that streak will come to an end in March 2010 when the reality show Marriage Ref comes to NBC. Seems that Jerry can only play himself on TV. Imagine: Jerry Seinfeld playing the role of not-Jerry Seinfeld in a sitcom. It just can't happen.

Jason Alexander (George)

Jason Alexander lost the George-glasses, grew a little facial hair, and spent a long time working off-TV. Of the whole gang, Alexander has been the most successful at completely reinventing himself. Admittedly, the mini-series Meteor was not great, but Alexander's decision to take the role demonstrates his potential breadth. Since he left Seinfeld, Alexander has been on Broadway and made a number of appearances on TV, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus' hit show The New Adventures of Old Christine. He'll always resemble George, but Alexander has far more prospects than his insecure, jobless Seinfeld sidekick ever did.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine)

Of all the Seinfeld actors, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been most successful in getting back on TV. Her recent Emmy nomination for The New Adventures of Old Christine is confirmation of that. Louis-Dreyfus' first attempt as leading lady in her post-Seinfeld career was Watching Ellie, which aired in 2002. Maybe four years after Seinfeld was too quick for audiences, because the show was quickly cancelled. Or maybe "Ellie" sounds too much like "Elaine"? Either way, Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn't Elaine anymore, and now she's got her own hit show.

Michael Richards (Kramer)

Two years was definitely too soon for Michael Richards, an actor who was solidly engrained in audiences' minds as Cosmo Kramer. The Michael Richards Show was canceled after less than a season, and he returned to his roots in stand-up comedy. (That didn't go so well either.) Slowly, Richards is piecing a career together. Following Seinfeld's lead, Richards is doing voice parts. (He was in Bee Movie too.) He's playing a voice in the upcoming movie Cat Tale slated to open in 2010. His failed sitcom and the stand-up "incident" put him a bit behind the pack.

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