The Event and Hawaii Five-0 are Off to a Good Start

As if the worn-down buttons on your remote control aren't enough to prove it, yesterday was a busy, busy day for television. The first day of Premiere Week 2010 saw new shows battling for viewers, old vets returning for another round, and network executives biting their nails. It all starts again today, but let's look back at the winners and loser of Monday night.

(All ratings information is from TV By the Numbers. Ratings and share are for the 18-49 year old demographic.)

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Dancing With the Stars, ABC: 20.14 million viewers, 4.6/12 rating/share
No surprise here. DWTS is a ratings juggernaut. The big surprise was the positive response to Bristol Palin's performance, who earned an 18 even though many had her pegged for an early exit.

House, Fox: 10.54 million viewers, 4.1/11
The House and Cuddy storyline is the key for Season 7, and fans of the show seemed satisfied with the premiere episode.

How I Met Your Mother, CBS: 8.78 million, 3.6/10
Producers said the show would return to its roots, and the LA Times says it did.

Rules of Engagement (8:30pm), CBS: 8.33 million, 3.1/8
Riding the wave of CBS sitcoms!

Chuck, NBC: 6.06 million, 2.1/6
New year, same old ratings problems. But our own resident Nerd Herder Louis Peitzman thought it was a fantastic episode.

90210, CW: 2.16 million, 1.0/3
These numbers would be suicide for any other network, but they're about average for The CW. You can't help but think they're still disappointed, though.

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Dancing With the Stars, ABC: 21.87 million viewers, 5.3/13
The numbers for DWTS went up for the second hour. Too bad the score for Jersey Shore's The Situation did not; he tied for last with a 15. Jennifer Grey won the night with a 24.

Two and a Half Men, CBS: 14.50 million, 4.8/12
This show's ratings continue to amaze me.

Mike & Molly (9:30pm), CBS: 12.24 million, 3.9/10
A solid performance for the series premiere, which seemed to split critics. USA Today found it "sweetly amusing," while our own Steve Heisler dropped the hammer and called it "offensive." I found it watchable in that formulaic sitcom sort of way, but it's nothing incredible.

The Event, NBC: 11.19 million, 3.7/9
Some were surprised by the premiere's performance, but not me. A good start for NBC's new thriller, which provided plenty of intrigue and action in its pilot episode. Is it the next Lost or is it the next FlashForward?

Lone Star, Fox: 4.06 million, 1.3/3
Incredibly disappointing numbers for what I (and several others) considered the best pilot of the new season. But going against its tough competition (and Monday Night Football) killed it. This show needs to be moved to a new night.

Gossip Girl, CW: 1.87 million, 1.0/3
The once-hot show continues to barely put a dent in the ratings. Note: The series premiered last week.

10:00pm - 11:00pm

Hawaii Five-0, CBS: 13.83 million, 3.8/10
The reboot looks like a winner here, quickly establishing itself as the number-one program in the time slot. The San Francisco Chronicle said it was an entertaining "vacation for the brain," but our Louis Peitzman said he was bored.

Castle, ABC: 11.17 million, 2.8/8
Looking at Hawaii Five-0's numbers compared to Castle's, it looks like CBS may finally be bringing in younger viewers. Anyway,'s Stefanie Lee enjoyed the season premiere, and said it was as "hot as ever." Spicy!

Chase, NBC: 7.94 million, 2.5/7
This procedural was poorly reviewed from the starting line. "If you're looking for actual TV entertainment? Heavens, no," said USA Today. I'm guessing there will be a huge drop-off next week. NBC will be putting next week's numbers under a microscope by NBC.

What did you watch last night? How did your shows perform?

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