The Final Curtain Falls for Nip/Tuck

After 6 years of slicing and dicing, the final (and 100th) episode of Nip/Tuck was filmed on June 12. Though it won't air until 2011, making the show's ending both bittersweet and very delayed, the news yields the end of an era.

The long-running show broke boundaries, pissed off parents and became a mirror of the indulgent, over-curious American culture we've grown to love. Critics like The New York Times' Ginia Bellafante enjoyed scoffing at it: Upon the show's move to LA, she said, "It feels less and less like a moralizing satire on the ruthlessness of vanity and more and more like a joyless exploration of desperate sex hatched in a windowless building of a strip mall in the San Fernando Valley."

Yeah, whatever. Nip/Tuck has also been in Emmy and Golden Globe contention since it aired in 2003, winning just one of each. In 2004, the series won an Emmy for Outstanding Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or a Special (Prosthetic) and in 2005, the series nabbed a Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama. In short, it's been reigning supreme for quite awhile.

Where else will American voyeurism truly be satisfied? After all, regular hospital shows neglect the drama of the surgery in favor of the drama on the staff. Only on Nip/Tuck were we able to break the rules and step right into the operating room, feeding our obsession with beauty on an extremely scientific level. It was the hands-on lab class in a sea of soundalike lectures, and now we'll have to settle for those lectures once again.

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