The Fosters Exclusive: Callie and Aaron Develop Tension Over Free Speech

A free speech storm is heading to The Fosters -- and a new couple is right in its path.

In Tuesday's episode, the Freeform drama will tackle its Milo Yiannopoulos-inspired storyline about an activist who spews hate speech being paid to speak at a local college campus where Callie (Maia Mitchell) has been shadowing an art class. A protest group forms to stop Shiloh McCullen, a political voice who has referred to immigrants as "third-world trash" and said that people of color "have contributed nothing to society."

Callie, being the militant fighter for social justice that she is, is outraged that the college would invite someone like this to speak to students. She's ready to join the protest group to stop the hate, but Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) doesn't agree.

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The episode will kick off the debate about free speech that executive producer Joanna Johnson teased at the beginning of the season. It will ask whether free speech should include people who incite discrimination and violence, thus taking on the same conversations as the protests at UC Berkeley earlier this year, when Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak on campus.

Callie and Aaron haven't had the easiest time as a couple so far, but they've always agreed on social justice issues up until this point. Is Callie going to be able to deal if Aaron believes in the full right to free speech over stopping someone with a violently contrary opinion?

Find out when The Fosters airs Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.

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Comments (2)
Aug 14, 2017
PC MSM nonsense. This is a thinly veiled attack on conservative speakers who NEVER said anything like the "statements" this character is depicting. There have always been racists, but the kind we find in BLM (a movement that was fostered out of a LIE) is now politically acceptable as some sort of a reaction to imagined racism from who? Evil white folk? There ARE evil white folk. And evil blacks, and evil whatever. To assume that one type of speech is acceptable while another is not is EXACTLY how the left (socialism, communism, fascism) starts their control. And once they get control of your LIBERTIES, then they will tighten them like noose around your very necks. Just like in China. Just like in Russia. Just like in North Korea.This self-righteous and pretentious tripe is tailor made for the sanctuary city dwelling safe place crowd. It makes me, a real American, sick.

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