The Good Guys Are Goners

... Fox's buddy-cop comedy The Good Guys has been discharged. Fox has canceled the show, opting not to renew the program for a second season. After a quiet debut without much marketing, the show was re-slotted in a weird time slot following a break. Basically it got jerked around more than I did in junior high school. []

... ABC is remaking the Canadian series Being Erica, a dramedy about a woman who travels back in time to relive some regretful moments in her life and change them. Being Erica premiered in Canada all the way back in 2009, and the show is in English, so it makes perfect sense to retool the show for American audiences because so much time has passed and it has those painful Canadian accents. /sarcasm [Variety]

... Comedy Central is playing with fire. The network has announced the next celebrity who will be roasted as part of its series in which famous people are mercilessly made fun of. Donald Trump will get verbally poked and prodded in early 2011, with the broadcast version airing in spring. Expect Jeffrey Ross to turn up dead somewhere shortly after they film it. [Comedy Central]

... How I Met Your Mother will host a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion when Danny Strong, who played Jonathan in the beloved series, guest stars alongside HIMYM regular and Buffy vet Alyson Hannigan. Strong will play a bully from Marshall's past. [LA Times]

... TNT may proceed with its Dallas remake without original star Larry Hagman. The actor was set to reprise his role as J.R. Ewing, but is asking for more money than TNT is willing to part with. Why Hagman thinks he has leverage here is beyond me. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC will preview its new romantic-comedy series Perfect Couples after The Sing-Off next Monday. I'll be with the men watching Monday Night Football. [Deadline Hollywood]

... USA has found its leads for Eden, an upcoming drama about a pair of bros (actual brothers) who work as concierges in an elite New York hotel. Nick D'Agosto will play the younger brother, and Dollhouse's Enver Gjokaj will play his older con-artist brother. It's about time Gjokaj found a new role; the guy is too good of an actor to not be working. [Deadline Hollywood]

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