The Goodies at World's Funniest Island

Boasting around 200 local and international acts, this world-first comedy festival concept will feature The Goodies, Alexei Sayle, Jane Bussmann, Merrick and Rosso, Arj Barker and a host of other very funny people.

Who are the other 190 or so funny people? See the complete line-up here: http:/

The event, which takes place over two days on October 17 and 18, will showcase the diversity of the industry and performers including stand-up acts, sketch shows, musical comedy, "funny" burlesque (we're intrigued by that description!) and plenty of uncategorisable shows to boot.

Indoor and outdoor stages will be set up around the island, each aspiring to give you the feel of a more intimate theatre or comedy club.

Performance times will range from 15 to 45 minutes long as well as "things you can just walk past for a laugh".

Anthony Ackroyd, leading impersonator of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd promotes World's Funniest Island.

So, whether you're swaying in time to the musical genius of Tripod or hanging out to hear what The Chasers' Andrew Hansen and Julian Morrow have to say, there looks to be something for everyone -- no matter how conservative or unconventional your taste. (Actually, if you're very easily offended perhaps you should stay at home with a cup of tea instead...)

Tickets are available as one- or two-day passes, or night tickets which allow entry between 6pm-11:30pm. Check out all the ticketing details, grab your pass, and we'll see you there!

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