The Inbetweeners Cause Mayhem Again

"Things were going to be different this year," Will (Simon Bird) explains at the start of this season's opener. By this, he elaborates, he means Jay can drive and he and the other Inbetweeners "have a choice about which embarrassing car [they] get a lift to school in." Essentially, nothing's really changed for the four hapless sixth-formers in this, the third season. And that's definitely a good thing.

The Inbetweeners' charm--if you can call it that--is that they never seem to mature. They're always crude, embarrassing and awkward no matter how hard they try. The key to the series, aside from the characters' chemistry, is the writer's inventiveness in finding believable yet tragic situations to insert them into. In the first episode it's a disastrous school fashion show.

Inevitably, this scenario prompts the deluded friends into thinking they've got a chance with the "birds". Their immaturity, a well-placed curtain, and a wardrobe malfunction, ensures this doesn't happen though--the girls at Rudge Park Comprehensive seem a lot smarter than the boys. But, SPOILER, they can't all be that smart--one of The Inbetweeners is rumoured to get lucky by the end of the series.

It's not clear yet whether this will be the end of the TV show: Though there will be a film and a US remake, it's widely rumoured that this will be the last series--as the boys would have to disband once they leave sixth form. Our suggestion: make the most of it while you can. The new series starts on E4 at 10pm on Monday, September 13. In the meantime, here's a clip. Yes, it's a bit large - but it's worth it:

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