The Inbetweeners Reel The Ladies Back In

What’s not to love about The Inbetweeners? They represent real embarrassing teenagers, who have relatable and hilarious secondary school experiences. Or at least they did. This season there’s been very few moments that actually ring true to the show’s female audience. And I’m not just saying this because last week they mocked my former university (Lincoln really isn’t that bad).

This season, the third and probably last, there’s been a severe lack of relatable ladies on screen. In previous seasons the girls delivered relief from the boy’s constant hi-jinks, by mocking their inadequacies. They also gave the lusty lads something other than Jay’s porn stash to obsess over. The only regular girl to offer a release this series was scatty Tara, the girlfriend of Simon (the blandest character in the show). She was too annoying to find relatable though.

It’s not that the four boys’ banter isn’t funny for female viewers--far from it--it’s just that drunken urination and sex-at-any-cost are concerns alien to most girls that age--or at least we hope they are. These scenes are, in parts, more over the top and cringeworthy than laugh-out-loud funny.

Some episodes, like the superb Thorpe Park one and this week’s camping finale, work because they’re not gender specific. It’s almost impossible not to chuckle at Jay’s lies or Neil’s ignorance, but the episodes that work best are the ones that appeal to all throughout. For that reason this Monday’s finale won’t disappoint.

Though this series hasn’t consistently delivered the standard we’ve come to expect, the last episode is a fitting conclusion that will have you giggling throughout. OK, there’s still a distinct lack of ladies, but as not all jokes are about male genitalia the humour works for all sexes. It’s a touching goodbye in which Simon’s given some bad news; Jay spouts more rubbish; and one of the boys actually looses their virginity (yes, really). You can watch the mayhem for yourself on Monday, October 18, at 11pm on E4.

Have you enjoyed this series as much as the previous ones?

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Actually, I see where this is coming from... I haven't found the episodes this season as funny before and I couldn't put my finger on it. I still think it's funny, but something just hasn't clicked as well.
It's articles like this that enhance the stereotype that women should stay in the kitchen and keep their opinions to themselves. And let me guess, you also didn't like Father Ted as much because you're not a priest, so you couldn't relate to the characters in it?

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